If any student has scored less than 50 marks (50%) in any of their final exam then that student can try once again and appear for the Re-Examination by paying the fees which is Rs. 3500 + 18% GST. So total comes to Rs. 4130. All those students also who have remained absent also considered as failed and they can also opt for the option of Re-Examination

Q: What is the process of applying for Re-Examination
A: Click on below given link and pay for Re-Examination and send the confirmation of the same to your faculty for getting the date and time of Re-Examination

Students who wish to pay for Re-Examination are requested to click the PAY NOW button in Green and pay Rs. 4130 as Re-Examination Fees

Q: Is Re-Examination Mandatory?                                                                                                      A: No Re-Examination is not mandatory, this student has to decide do they wish to reappear or not

Q: If I am failed/absent and I am not even giving Re-Examination then would I get my Certificate/Diploma or not
A: Students who have failed in more than 2 final exams they will get only Participation Diploma/Certificate, provided they are otherwise good in behaviour, punctuality, general performance, projects, punctuality. If student is not leading in anything and fails in only 1 exam even then also student would receive only Participation Diploma/Certificate. Students doing only GDS, they would also receive only Participation Diploma/Certificate even if they fail inanely 1 exam, as GDS is the only topic/subject they are learning. Moreover students who are failed in any of the exam they are not sent for job interviews in A category of companies. Moreover the companies where students are sent for for interview those companies are aware of their marks and their salary is decided on the basis of the same. Students who have failed in 3 or more exams are going to get only Awareness Diploma/Certificate. Students who successfully takes trip as leaders/manager can be considered for full Certification/Diploma on the basis of their performance in practical trip/s taken by them

Q: What is participation Diploma/Certificate & what is Awareness Diploma/Certificate                          A: In first appearance Participation Diploma/Certificate is same, but it has mentioned that it is only for participation which means the student took classes. It is nowhere mentioned that the student failed or remained absent. Big companies do not like to give job to those who have only Participation Diploma/Certificate but still many mid size and few big size companies do give jobs on the basis of Participation Diploma/Certificate. Whereas Awareness Diploma/Certificate is a document stating student is aware about this industry/field

Q: If I want to IATA affiliation or recognition then can I get that on the basis of Participation Diploma/Certificate
A: No on the basis of only Participation Diploma/Certificate you won't be able to take IATA Recognition/Affiliation etc. For that you should be clear passed with good percentage

Q: I was absent in exam because of some emergency so still I have to pay the Re-Examination Fees?
A: You do not have to pay for Re-Examination fees if you missed your final exam because of being hospitalised or because of your real father or mother being hospitalised. In this case you need to give proof of hospitalisation which will be verified by our legal department and then you don't have to pay the Re-Examination fees. In case of death of someone in instant family also one won't need to give Re-Examination fees but then Death Certificate and proof of relation with the same person should be proved by the student

Q: If I am failed or absent in exams then would The Tourism School provide me job or not?
A: The Tourism School will surely assist you for job even if you are failed, the process remains same even for failed students also, yes it takes more time in finding such companies who are willing to hire even those students who are failed. At the same time many big companies may not accept your resume and you may not be offered high salary. Students who are failed in any of their exam are actually not entitled the Guarantee of Job but still the institute keeps the process same and mostly all those also gets jobs who have failed if they keep improving their skills as guided by the institute/faculty/guidelines

Q: How many final exams are there?
A: Each major topic has its final exam. Like GDS Air Ticketing, Hotels, Visa, Travel Packages Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, Travel Packages Final Exam which are part of Foundation Diploma, Travel Packages Final Exam which are part of Advance Diploma, Marketing and Sales Exam which is part of Entrepreneur Courses

Q: When should I pay for Re-Examination and when Re-Examination would happen
A: If you really want to appear again then pay for Re-Examination as early as possible because if you are paying within 3 days from the date when result was declared you can take extra classes or revision classes. Students who would delay to apply for Re-Examination for more than 3 days will not be able to get revision or extra classes. Date of Re-Examination is given considering students preference and availability of faculty and new question paper

Q: If I am giving Re-Examination then would I get same questions
A: 50% questions could be same but not more than that

Q: If I fail in Re-Examination also then?                                                                                             A: In such case student once again can apply for Re-Examination but for the same topic student can not apply for Re-Examination for more than twice

Q: Can I pay Re-Examination Fees in Cash or by Bank Transfer?
A: Yes

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