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Travel & Tourism Management Advance Diploma (Post Graduation Diploma)


Guaranteed International Trip/s

Guaranteed Job within India or In Foreign Countries as per the location of student

  1. Internationally Recognised Certification of World’s Best GDS (Air Ticketing Applications) Amadeus or Galileo which are approved & accepted by IATA
  2. Globally Internationally recognised air ticketing terminologies, rules, regulations, codes & commands
  3. Air Ticketing Practical Training on Globally Internationally recognised GDS Applications Software
  4. Introduction to GDS - Encoding & Decoding
  5. Taking out Flight Availability of International & Domestic Airlines of the World on GDS
  6. Alternative Availability Entries - Selling from Availability
  7. Selling by Carrier and Flight - Waitlisted and ARNK segment
  8. Name Element - Contact Element
  9. Ticketing Element - Received from Elements
  10. Building a PNR - Supplementary Data
  11. Optional Services Information - Special Service Request
  12. Retrieving and Displaying PNRs - Cancelling PNR Element
  13. Modifying the PNR Elements - Changing Segment Status
  14. Splitting a PNR - Fare Display
  15. Fare Display Option - Fare Note
  16. Itinerary Pricing Multiple Journeys - Price Options
  17. Issuing Tickets - Advance Seats Assignments
  18. Queues
  19. Reference Information - Hotel List Displays
  20. Hotel Availability and Rates
  21. Selling Hotel Segments - Modifying Hotel Segments
  22. Car Availability and Rates - Car Terms and Locations
  23. Selling Car Segment - Modifying Car Segment
  24. Miscellaneous Entries
  25. Practical Practice & implementation 
  26. 100% PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE Air Ticketing GDS Course Finishes Here



  1. Interview Practice & Mock Interviews 
  2. Personality Development
  3. Exercises to develop personality and to build confidence
  4. Communication Improving Tactics & Practice
  5. Practical Exercises for English Improvement
  6. Airport Management
  7. Ground Handling Work at International & Domestic Airport 
  8. Preparation to Get the job of Flight Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Steward 
  9. Job Responsibilities of Fight Crew
  10. Work of Flight Crew at the time of Emergency - Airplane Crash, Hijack 
  11. Virtual Visits of Airport & Flights from Inside
  12. Learning & doing job of Airport Representative
  13. Understanding Operations Work at Departures & Arrivals of the airport
  14. World Geography Practical Learning
  15. World Geography Practical Exercises
  16. Must have Travel knowledge about Asia - Part of Travel Management
  17. Must have Travel knowledge about Europe - Part of Travel Management
  18. Paid Internship from 7th Month 
  19. Types of Hotels - Topics of Travel Agency Management & Travel Package Manager Starts from Here
  20. Types of Hotels Rooms
  21. Hotels Cancellations
  22. Real Hotel Visits for Practical Exposure
  23. Training of Hotels Reservations
  24. Job Responsibilities of Hotel’s Front Office Executive
  25. Free of Cost Outdoor Trainings
  26. Guaranteed Job
  27. Tour Guiding Work Practically
  28. Free Tours - Aviation & Travel Management Diploma Topics Finishes Here


  1. How to Book Hotels in Less Price
  2. Types of Visas
  3. Students Visa, Job or Work Visa, 
  4. USA, UAE, Canada, Australia & UK Visa Process
  5. Visa Process for European Countries
  6. Visa Process for Asian Countries
  7. Practicing Visa Work
  8. Visa Interview Questions
  9. Preparing the complete Visa Files
  10. Understanding Role of Embassy for Visa’s
  11. Applying Real Online Visa
  12. Work of Visa Manager
  13. How to Start Your Own Visa Business without Investment
  14. Understanding what is tourism - Understanding divisions of Travel Agency, Travel Industry etc
  15. Understanding what are Travel Packages
  16. Understanding what are Travel Itineraries
  17. Designing and Making Travel Itineraries of any Destination of the World like an Experienced Travel Agent
  18. Destination & Product Training through Presentations & Videos: How to reach, famous cities & attractions, sightseeing, transportation within a city, transfers, hotels, Indian restaurants, activities, shopping, souvenirs, package cost, duration of the package, itineraries & a lot more
  19. Malaysia, Singapore, Bintan & Thailand
  20. Practicing Travel Packages of above mentioned destinations and of other destinations which are mentioned below
  21. Making real itineraries  of mentioned Travel Destinations like happens in Travel Companies
  22. Costing of Travel Packages & Hotels
  23. Bookings of Tours, Bookings of Tour Guides, Managing the work of Tour Guides, Booking Sightseeing, Excursions etc
  24. Bookings of Essential Transfers like Airport to Hotel or Hotel to Airport, From Cruise Ports to Hotels or Vice a Versa
  25. Managing & Booking Transportation from one city to another city within a Travel Package, for example Paris to London Internal Transportation
  26. Issuance of every kind of Hotel Vouchers
  27. Indian Railways Bookings
  28. How to Make Domestic & Inbound Travel Packages For Indians & Foreigners
  29. Practical Travel Package Designing of Most Famous Travel Destinations of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh
  30. Paid Internship for practical exposure
  31. Guaranteed Job
  32. Understanding Travel Package Designing of any Destination of India - TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT TOPICS FINISHES HERE


  1. Designing real Travel Packages of China, Hong Kong & Macau & UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) along with Destination Trainings
  2. Getting Travel Agent Rates for Mauritius, Sri Lanka & Maldives & Travel Package Designing Practically
  3. Understanding Italy as a Travel Destination
  4. Creating Italy Travel Product as a Travel and Product Manager
  5. Understanding Switzerland Rail and Transportation System & as a Destination
  6. Designing Real Switzerland Travel Package cheapest and most expensive 
  7. Designing Jammu & Kashmir Real Travel Packages for Foreigners & Indians
  8. Learning & Designing Pilgrimage Travel Packages of Amarnath and Nepal
  9. Learning the work of a Travel Trainer
  10. Providing Travel Training to Travel Aspirants practically covering France or any Country of the world
  11. Air Ticketing Reservations, Cancellations, Re-issuance, Refunds, Re-Validations - Performance Based Training
  12. Segment breaking - Performance Based Training
  13. Issuance of All the Travel Agency Vouchers like Tours Vouchers, Hotels Vouchers, Private Transfers Vouchers
  14. Preparing complete Travel Kit
  15. Organising Real Trip at the cost of the institute 
  16. Escorting, traveling & enjoying the real trip at the cost of institute
  17. Additional Free of Cost Classes to learn how to Start and Manage a Travel Agency  if student starts Travel Agency ever
  18. Training for How to Get Travel Agent Systems or Portals Free of Cost if student starts a Travel Agency
  19. Guaranteed Paid Internship
  20. Guarantee of Job in Foreign Countries also as per the country student is or would be/get Located in



  1. Australia, New Zealand, Bali - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages
  2. Forex – Foreign Currency Exchange - As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur 
  3. How to start business of Foreign Currency Exchange
  4. Travel Insurance – An Important Division of Tourism Industry – As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur
  5. Surface Based Transportation, Bus or Coach or Taxi bookings in entire world – As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur
  6. Self Drive in Foreign Countries
  7. Sea Cruises like Royal Caribbean, MSC, Star Booking Process & Operations
  8. River Cruises in Europe Booking Process & Operations
  9. Travel Operations, filing, documentations, clients records
  10. Access to Travel Agents' Portals Practical Work & Practice, can be accessed from home also
  11. Outside the class room Trainings for practical experience
  12. Understanding what is MICE and practical implementation
  13. Group Package Designing International Destinations- MICE
  14. Costing of Groups
  15. Advance Costing
  16. Escorting Groups – Learning & Implementation covering International Destination
  17. United Kingdom (England), Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic & Spain - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages Practically 
  18. USA, South Africa & Canada - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages
  19. Train bookings & Bus Bookings in Canada - Via Rail
  20. American Railways - Amtrak and American Buses Bookings
  21. Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa & North East - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages for Foreigners
  22. FREE OF COST - GUARANTEED Outdoor trainings 
  23. Paid or Self Internship Guaranteed
  24. Guaranteed Free of Cost Domestic Trips
  25. Guaranteed Free of Cost International Trip Organising and Real Escorting and Traveling 
  26. FREE OF COST - GUARANTEED INTERNATIONAL TRIP within Europe, North America or Asia
  27. Paid Internship as per the preference of student 3 to 6 Months
  28. Guaranteed Job starting with Managerial Work
  29. Guaranteed Job in Foreign Countries also
  30. Life Time Assistance for Placement anywhere in the world


Below Mentioned Points 1 to 20 are the content of Travel Agency Management Entrepreneur Course & of Advance Diploma

  1. Essentials of a Travel Agency/Travel Company/Online Travel Agency
  2. Company Registration, Company Bank Account, Company Profile Writing, Company Branding, Company Letter Head, Company Stamp etc
  3. Marketing & Branding
  4. Website development, website layout, domain booking, official & professional email account creation & usage
  5. Website Promotions, SEO, SEM, Google Promotions, Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  6. Introduction with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  7. Free of Cost Contracting with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  8. How to get lowest possible rates from Hotels, Suppliers, Travel Wholesalers & Airlines - Domestic & International
  9. Expense Management
  10. Payments, Profit, Pricing, Commissions, Cancellations, Refunds
  11. Selling Travel Packages & Earning Profit
  12. Invoicing
  13. How to Make cheaper packages than big & renowned travel companies
  14. Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  15. Role of Travel Agency's Owner, Role of Travel Agency's Manager & Role of Travel Agency's Executive
  16. Management of Travel Groups Domestic & International
  17. Bringing Business of Groups
  18. Registration & Accreditation Process with Travel, Tourism Airline, Airport and Air Ticketing related internationally recognized organizations
  19. Use of Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing applications (software) - GDS & CRS in your Travel Agency directly through the legitimate process free of cost or with nominal direct fees (no charges from The Tourism School)
  20. Product Construction - How to make Product like big travel companies
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Life Time Free Assistance & Guidance while establishing Travel Agency

Multiple Free Ineternational Trips with 100% safety from Covid 19 


Duration: 2 Years including 1 Year Paid Internship


Fees: Rs. 6,00,000 (Six Lakh)

To Be Paid in first 6 Months in instalments of Rs. 1 Lakh for the first 6 Months


Fees: Rs. 5,00,000 (Five Lakh) If Paid in One Go without instalments

To know the fees of “1 Year Diploma” course and for more detail please leave your detail below & we will call you.

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