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Travel & Tourism Management PG Advance Diploma / MBA in Travel

Guaranteed International Trips

Guaranteed Job

  • Internationally Recognised Certification of World’s Best GDS (Air Ticketing Applications) Amadeus or Galileo which are approved & accepted by IATA
  • Globally Internationally recognised air ticketing terminologies, rules, regulations, codes & commands
  • Air Ticketing Practical Training on Globally Internationally recognised GDS Applications Software
  • Introduction to GDS - Encoding & Decoding
  • Taking out Flight Availability of International & Domestic Airlines of the World on GDS
  • Alternative Availability Entries - Selling from Availability
  • Selling by Carrier and Flight - Waitlisted and ARNK segment
  • Name Element - Contact Element
  • Ticketing Element - Received from Elements
  • Building a PNR - Supplementary Data
  • Optional Services Information - Special Service Request
  • Retrieving and Displaying PNRs - Cancelling PNR Element
  • Modifying the PNR Elements - Changing Segment Status
  • Splitting a PNR - Fare Display
  • Fare Display Option - Fare Note
  • Itinerary Pricing Multiple Journeys - Price Options
  • Issuing Tickets - Advance Seats Assignments
  • Queues
  • Reference Information - Hotel List Displays
  • Hotel Availability and Rates
  • Selling Hotel Segments - Modifying Hotel Segments
  • Car Availability and Rates - Car Terms and Locations
  • Selling Car Segment - Modifying Car Segment
  • Miscellaneous Entries
  • Practical Practice & implementation 
  • 100% PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE Air Ticketing GDS Course Finishes Here
  • Interview Practice & Mock Interviews 
  • Personality Development
  • Exercises to develop personality and to build confidence
  • Communication Improving Tactics & Practice
  • Practical Exercises for English Improvement
  • Airport Management
  • Ground Handling Work at International & Domestic Airport 
  • Preparation to Get the job of Flight Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Steward 
  • Job Responsibilities of Fight Crew
  • Work of Flight Crew at the time of Emergency - Airplane Crash, Hijack 
  • Virtual Visits of Airport & Flights from Inside
  • Learning & doing job of Airport Representative
  • Understanding Operations Work at Departures & Arrivals of the airport
  • World Geography Practical Learning
  • World Geography Practical Exercises
  • Must have Travel knowledge about Asia - Part of Travel Management
  • Must have Travel knowledge about Europe - Part of Travel Management
  • Paid Internship from 7th Month 
  • Types of Hotels - Topics of Travel Agency Management & Travel Package Manager Starts from Here
  • Types of Hotels Rooms
  • Hotels Cancellations
  • Real Hotel Visits for Practical ExposureTraining of Hotels Reservations
  • Job Responsibilities of Hotel’s Front Office Executive
  • Free of Cost Outdoor Trainings
  • Guaranteed Job
  • Tour Guiding Work Practically
  • Free Tours
  • How to Book Hotels in Less Price
  • Types of Visas
  • Students Visa, Job or Work Visa, 
  • USA, UAE, Canada, Australia & UK Visa Process
  • Visa Process for European Countries
  • Visa Process for Asian Countries
  • Practicing Visa Work
  • Visa Interview Questions
  • Preparing the complete Visa Files
  • Understanding Role of Embassy for Visa’s
  • Applying Real Online VisaWork of Visa Manager
  • How to Start Your Own Visa Business without Investment
  • Understanding what is tourism - Understanding divisions of Travel Agency, Travel Industry etc
  • Understanding what are Travel Packages
  • Understanding what are Travel Itineraries
  • Designing and Making Travel Itineraries of any Destination of the World like an Experienced Travel Agent
  • Destination & Product Training through Presentations & Videos: How to reach, famous cities & attractions, sightseeing, transportation within a city, transfers, hotels, Indian restaurants, activities, shopping, souvenirs, package cost, duration of the package, itineraries & a lot more
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Bintan & Thailand
  • Practicing Travel Packages of above mentioned destinations and of other destinations which are mentioned below
  • Making real itineraries  of mentioned Travel Destinations like happens in Travel Companies
  • Costing of Travel Packages & Hotels
  • Bookings of Tours, Bookings of Tour Guides, Managing the work of Tour Guides, Booking Sightseeing, Excursions etc
  • Bookings of Essential Transfers like Airport to Hotel or Hotel to Airport, From Cruise Ports to Hotels or Vice a Versa
  • Managing & Booking Transportation from one city to another city within a Travel Package, for example Paris to London Internal Transportation
  • Issuance of every kind of Hotel Vouchers
  • Indian Railways Bookings
  • How to Make Domestic & Inbound Travel Packages For Indians & Foreigners
  • Practical Travel Package Designing of Most Famous Travel Destinations of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh
  • Paid Internship for practical exposure
  • Guaranteed Job
  • Understanding Travel Package Designing of any Destination of India

  • Designing real Travel Packages of China, Hong Kong & Macau & UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) along with Destination Trainings
  • Getting Travel Agent Rates for Mauritius, Sri Lanka & Maldives & Travel Package Designing Practically
  • Understanding Italy as a Travel Destination
  • Creating Italy Travel Product as a Travel and Product Manager
  • Understanding Switzerland Rail and Transportation System & as a Destination
  • Designing Real Switzerland Travel Package cheapest and most expensive 
  • Designing Jammu & Kashmir Real Travel Packages for Foreigners & Indians
  • Learning & Designing Pilgrimage Travel Packages of Amarnath and Nepal
  • Learning the work of a Travel Trainer
  • Providing Travel Training to Travel Aspirants practically covering France or any Country of the world
  • Air Ticketing Reservations, Cancellations, Re-issuance, Refunds, Re-Validations - Performance Based Training
  • Segment breaking - Performance Based Training
  • Issuance of All the Travel Agency Vouchers like Tours Vouchers, Hotels Vouchers, Private Transfers Vouchers
  • Preparing complete Travel Kit
  • Organising Real Trips
  • Escorting, traveling & enjoying the real trip at the cost of institute
  • Additional Free of Cost Classes to learn how to Start and Manage a Travel Agency  if student starts Travel Agency ever
  • Training for How to Get Travel Agent Systems or Portals Free of Cost if student starts a Travel Agency
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship
  • Guarantee of Job in Foreign Countries also as per the country student is or would be/get Located

  • Australia, New Zealand, Bali - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages
  • Forex – Foreign Currency Exchange - As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur 
  • How to start business of Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Travel Insurance – An Important Division of Tourism Industry – As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur
  • Surface Based Transportation, Bus or Coach or Taxi bookings in entire world – As an Employee or as an Entrepreneur
  • Self Drive in Foreign Countries
  • Sea Cruises like Royal Caribbean, MSC, Star Booking Process & Operations
  • River Cruises in Europe Booking Process & Operations
  • Travel Operations, filing, documentations, clients records
  • Access to Travel Agents' Portals Practical Work & Practice, can be accessed from home also
  • Outside the class room Trainings for practical experience
  • Understanding what is MICE and practical implementation
  • Group Package Designing International Destinations- MICE
  • Costing of Groups
  • Advance Costing
  • Escorting Groups – Learning & Implementation covering International Destination
  • United Kingdom (England), Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic & Spain - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages Practically 
  • USA, South Africa & Canada - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages
  • Train bookings & Bus Bookings in Canada - Via Rail
  • American Railways - Amtrak and American Buses Bookings
  • Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa & North East - Destination Training & Designing Travel Packages for Foreigners
  • FREE OF COST - GUARANTEED Outdoor trainings 
  • Paid or Self Internship Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed Free of Cost Domestic Trips
  • Guaranteed Free of Cost International Trip Organising and Real Escorting and Traveling 
  • FREE OF COST - GUARANTEED INTERNATIONAL TRIP within Europe, North America or Asia
  • Paid Internship as per the preference of student 3 to 6 Months
  • Guaranteed Job starting with Managerial Work
  • Guaranteed Job in Foreign Countries also
  • Life Time Assistance for Placement anywhere in the world


Below Mentioned Points 1 to 20 are the content of Travel Agency Management Entrepreneur Course & of Advance Diploma

  • Essentials of a Travel Agency/Travel Company/Online Travel Agency
  • Company Registration, Company Bank Account, Company Profile Writing, Company Branding, Company Letter Head, Company Stamp etc
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Website development, website layout, domain booking, official & professional email account creation & usage
  • Website Promotions, SEO, SEM, Google Promotions, Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  • Introduction with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  • Free of Cost Contracting with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  • How to get lowest possible rates from Hotels, Suppliers, Travel Wholesalers & Airlines - Domestic & International
  • Expense Management
  • Payments, Profit, Pricing, Commissions, Cancellations, Refunds
  • Selling Travel Packages & Earning Profit
  • Invoicing
  • How to Make cheaper packages than big & renowned travel companies
  • Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  • Role of Travel Agency's Owner, Role of Travel Agency's Manager & Role of Travel Agency's Executive
  • Management of Travel Groups Domestic & International
  • Bringing Business of Groups
  • Registration & Accreditation Process with Travel, Tourism Airline, Airport and Air Ticketing related internationally recognized organizations
  • Use of Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing applications (software) - GDS & CRS in your Travel Agency directly through the legitimate process free of cost or with nominal direct fees (no charges from The Tourism School)
  • Product Construction - How to make Product like big travel companies

Life Time Free Assistance & Guidance while establishing Travel Agency

Multiple Free International Trips as per students involvement and performance


Duration: 2 Years including 1 Year Paid Internship


Fees: Rs. 8,50,000 (Eight Lakh & Fifty Thousand Rupees)

To Be Paid in first 7 Months in instalments of Rs. 1 Lakh for the first 7 Months

Rs. 1,50,000 to be paid at the time of admission


Fees: Rs. 8,00,000 (Eight Lakh) If Paid in One Go without instalments

CALL: 011-4161 7565,

011-4154 0044

Whats App: 98719 32556 (Mayank's Direct No)

Mobile: 98997 74407

Management: 9899774448 (Only Whats App) 

WRITE US: [email protected]

Students can also pay fees using UPI ID: Tschool@HdfcBank

The Tourism School is Represented by Lion Tourism Private Limited

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Visa Management - 1 Month - Fees Rs. 35,000 Course Content
Travel Package Construction - 2 Months - Fees Rs. 40,000 Course Content
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