AMADEUS & Galileo 
Professional Practical Course

For IATA Airlines, IATA Air Ticket Issuance 
Practical Work & IATA Recognition
New batch starts every month. Register 20 days in advance. No Discounts No Hidden Charges

Internationally Recognized Certifications
Recommended, Accepted & Approved by IATA 
OPTION 1: *1 Month GDS Course - Available online & in institute*
Fees: Rs. 10,000 (3 Hours Class in a week + 1.5 Hours Practice)
Includes: Topics from 1 to 10 mentioned after all the options. New Batch 29 June 2024

OPTION 2: *1.5 Month GDS Course* - Available live online and in institute also
Fees: Rs. 30,000 (3 Hours Class in a week + 3 Hours Practice) New Batch 29 June 2024
Includes: Free Sessions for Travel Agency Registration & IATA Recognition Process)

OPTION 3: *GDS Air Ticketing Galileo Pre Recorded High Value Course - Genuine GDS Certification which is accepted by IATA for IATA Recognition + Endorsement Letter when asked by IATA + Long Time Support*
Fees: Rs. 50,000/-
Includes: More than 15 Hours of GDS Galileo Sessions + 3 Hours Air Ticketing Foundation + 3 Hours IATA Process Classes + 4 Hours Doubt Sessions + 20 Hours of Practice on Live System by Remote Access + 3 Live Classes for IATA Recognition Process + Galileo Live Online Exam + Sample Papers + PDF Notes + Quiz + Assignments for each GDS Class + Endorsement Letter + Long Time Support for Sincere Students

OPTION 4: *15 Hours GDS Certification Course suitable for IATA Recognition |*Exam Date18 July & 20 Aug*
Fees: Rs. 20,000 (Genuine Internationally Recognised Certification which is mandatory for IATA Recognition)
Includes: Pre-Recorded GDS Class, Live Class to answer all the questions about Air Ticketing Business & IATA Recognition, GDS Online Exam, Sample Papers which will make you pass easily, Guidance for Applying IATA as per IATA Rules, GDS Certification which IATA would accept, Endorsement Letter when asked by IATA + 1 Month Support for IATA Recognition, this session & exam happens once every month. *Fees increases by Rs. 1K each day when less than 11 days are left in exam* It is highly updated course as per IATA & GDS Rules, if IATA & GDS changes any rule, then we would support accordingly but won't be responsible for their actions

OPTION 5: *3 Months Amadeus Practical Course* - Available live online and in institute also
Fees: Rs. 1,20,000/- (Fees increased on 28th March 2024 as 11 new topics added) Unlimited Practice on Live GDS + Galileo Practice CD
Includes everything taught in option 1,2 & 4 also. Includes topics from 1 to 54 New Batch 28 June 2024
Suitable for: Issuing complicated Air Tickets, Expensive Air Tickets to North America, South America etc
For detailed course content of Option 1, 2 & 3 scroll down to the topics from 1 to 54:

Admission Process: Read course content, choose best option & pay the fees. 70% of our students takes admission without counselling. If you think you need counselling then you are welcome in the institute - 3 Tolstoy, CP - Delhi or use our only chat Whats App: 98997 74448 & fix counselling. Ph: 011 4154 0044, +91 - 98997 74449

Who should do Air Ticketing courses? Anyone in the age group of 15 to 65. Those who want to start IATA Recognised Travel Agency,  those who are looking for job in IATA Airlines, IATA Airports, IATA Travel Companies or in abroad. Genuine certifications internationally recognised & accepted by IATA for IATA Recognition also

Recording Amadeus is not allowed. Certifications are genuine GDS certifications valid in entire world accepted by IATA & of The Tourism School & not of IATA as per the courses

Classes available online & offline (in the institute - CP New Delhi) Online Classes through Zoom on Amadeus Live System Live Faculty click for sample online class

Watch this class to understand the quality of classes 

Question: What is the difference in 1.5 month and 3 months course?

Answer: 1.5 Months course covers basic practical training suitable for those who want JOB quickly or those who are already running Travel Agency and quick learner, who would be taking their own IATA or GDS

3 Months course is covering everything and that is going to provide higher salary and benefits of getting Amadeus & Galileo and IATA Recognition process also. Suitable for those who want to start IATA Recognised fully equipped Travel Company having both GDS (Amadeus & Galileo):

Some topics are taught on the basis of real experience & not on the live systems to make students run their Travel Agencies in most successful manner. 
For exact certified course content of AMADEUS Click Here We are authorised training partners of Amadeus & Galileo both

*Course Content*

1. Internationally Recognised Certification of World’s Best GDS (Air Ticketing Applications) Amadeus or Galileo. Both Amadeus and Galileo are approved & accepted by IATA, IATA Areas

2. Globally Internationally recognised air ticketing terminologies, rules, regulations, codes & commands

3. Air Ticketing Practical Training on Globally Internationally recognised GDS Applications Software

4. Introduction to GDS - Encoding & Decoding

5. Taking out Flight Availability of International & Domestic Airlines of the World on GDS

6. Taking Out Flight Timetable of any Routing

7. Understanding Flight Information for Air Ticket Issuance Purpose

8. Name Element - Contact Element

9. Ticketing Element - Received from Elements

10. Building PNRs for Return / Multiple Journeys GDS Basic finishes here

11. Optional Services Information - Special Service Request

12. Retrieving and Displaying PNRs - Cancelling PNR Element

13. Modifying the PNR Elements

14. Understanding Replies by Airlines and Changing Segment Status

15. Itinerary Pricing and Best Buy Pricing on Lowest Fares

16. Air Ticketing Fare Rules - Penalty etc

17. Understanding TST – Transitional Stored Ticket

18. How to Hold Fare, Build detailed PNR  and Issue Ticket on GUI Interface

19. Issuing Tickets - Advance Seats Assignments

20. Queue Introduction

Amadeus/Galileo - 1.5 Month Course Concludes here. Doubt classes can be taken after completing the course also. Course includes exam & GDS certification. 3 months' course continues which includes above & below topics

21. Splitting a PNR & Queue Planner

22. PNR Creation for Different Passenger Types – Unaccompanied Minor/ Medical Passenger/Student/ Pilgrimage/ Government Travel etc.

23. Building PNRs for Open Jaw/ Circle Trip Journeys

24. Understanding PNR History

25. Understanding how to create PNRs for Passive/ Ghost Segments

26. Itinerary Pricing/ Segment Pricing on lowest fares for complex journeys

27. Fare Quote Display – How to find out airlines offering lowest fares

28. How to book & Price Chargeable Ancillary Services – Extra Baggage, Pets, etc

29. Working with complex TSTs and TSMs

30. Fare Tools to check Currency Conversion, Extra Baggage etc.

31. Fare Informative Pricing

32. Understanding different types of Fares - Unifares and Published Fares

33. Working with PNR Tools – Time Table, MCT, GMT, Time Difference

34. Types of Queues or

35. Introduction to Post Ticket Issuance Process

36. Working with Hotel Segments Car Bookings

37. Guidance and support in getting Amadeus and Galileo or any other major GDS of the world

38. Guidance and support in getting IATA Number Free of Cost and IATA Recognition


40. Tricks to reduce airfare (not guaranteed for all the air tickets)

41. Bulk Buying and Contracting with Full Fledge and Low Cost Airlines & with Hotels

42. Email ID and Contact Information of Important Airlines for contracting

43. Tricks & tips for Bulk Buying & Contracting to get higher benefits in minimum or no investment

44. Process to Earn profit of minimum Rs. 20,000 on each International Air Ticket

45. Guidance for Airline Capping 

46. Special Class for How to Get Clients, How to do Sales, Advertisement & Marketing

47. Special Class for Transit Visa (Very Important for Airline Ticket Agents)

48. ARC Understanding - Airline Reporting Corporation - USA

49. Understanding NDC - Present & Future of New Distribution Capability 

50. Legalities & Process of Starting Air Ticketing Business in multiple countries 

51. How to Book Hotels in less price - Special Class

52. Understanding Travel Packages - Special Class 

53. Process to Book Hotels in Lower Cost than online B2B & B2C Systems

54. Maximum time for practice on live GDS. Practice access for online students also as per their performance. 

Topics of Advance Level GDS Amadeus/Galileo 3 months Course Finishes here. Practice can continue. Duration of the course is approximate with practice. Placement guidance is provided in basic course, placement assistance is provided in Advance course. 

Question - What are the class timings, number of classes and days? Answer - Class time is same for online and in the institute. Either 10 AM batch or 12 Noon batch. Classes every Monday, Wednesday & Friday + Practice & Doubt Classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays

*Admission Process*
Pay 50% fees at the time of admission and balance 50% after 2 classes
UPI Id : Tschool@HdfcBank
Account Number: 50200020992397
IFSC Code : HDFC0000708
Account in the name of : Lion Tourism Private Limited
Swift Code: HDFCINBBXXX (required when transferring from out of India)
To pay through Credit Card or E Wallet Click Here
No Discounts No Hidden Charges

*The Tourism School Location & Address*

Connaught Place, New Delhi 901, 902 & 901 A 

Rohit House, 3 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi

Near Modern School & Metro Station Gate No 3

CALL: 011-4161 7565, 011-4154 0044

Whats App: 98719 32556, 98997 74407

Mobile: 9899774448 (Reception)

Write Us: [email protected], [email protected]

The Tourism School is Represented by Lion Tourism Private Limited


Students from Pakistan: Please use same account detail & get fees transferred from UAE or other countries. 
Our success rate is 100% and our testimonials are endless. To watch our video testimonials and more GDS & IATA videos visit our You Tube Channel

Below Video Shows Real Online Live Practical - Air Ticket Class for IATA Air Ticketing

Below Video Shows How a Trained Travel Agent Reduces Rs. 1 Lakh in Air Ticket Cost

The Tourism School is having Genuine Authentic Amadeus Systems for Live Practice - Direct from Amadeus. The Tourism School is Authorised Amadeus and Galileo Training Centre 
IATA Codes File - 20 Most Important Cities and Airlines IATA Codes The Tourism School File to download

All about IATA - International Air Transport Association

Official Website of IATA -
IATA Started on - 19 April 1945
IATA Started from - Cuba
IATA Headquarter is in - Canada

Objectives of IATA - Safety of passengers and airlines, making and suggesting best procedures, technology, rules and regulations related to aviation covering Air Ticketing, Airports, Airlines Operations etc

Question: How to take admission in IATA Courses?
Answer: Go on given link for taking admission in IATA Courses:

Question: How to get IATA TIDS free of Cost?
Answer: Go on given link for processing IATA TIDS free of cost: 

To understand the process of getting IATA TIDS watch our video by clicking on given link:

Question: How to get IATA Go Lite
Answer: Go on given link for applying IATA Go Lite

Question: Is it mandatory to do IATA Certification for getting IATA Recognition
Answer: No IATA itself gives multiple options of getting IATA Recognition or accreditation without doing any course and these options are available for Travel Agents and Cargo Agents

Question: What is the best source or institute for learning IATA Courses?
Answer: Best source for learning IATA is also

Question: How to get IATA Certification? Is there any way of getting IATA without doing course or without giving exam. 
Answer: As per our knowledge the best source to get IATA Certification is and there is no way of getting IATA Certifications without doing course or without giving exam. Anyone offering IATA Certifications without exam or course, then they are not genuine and are cheating, so don't get fooled by such websites or people

Question: Where is IATA Office in India?
Answer: Address of IATA Office in India is:Unit 605, 6th Floor, Satelite Gazebo Building, Andheri Ghatkopar, Link Road - Mumbai. Contact Number: +65 6499 2424, +65 6488 2425
Gurgaon Office: Nbr 702, Tower 4A, DLF Corporate Park, Phase III Gurgaon (Gurugram) 122002

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