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Batch Timings

We have batches starting from 9 AM and till 7 PM. In most of the cases students can choose timing according to their choice at the time of admission but they can not keep changing it, they would need to stick with given time. Duration of a class is 2 Hours. In few courses there are only 3 classes in a week and in few there are 6 classes in a week. If the faculty feels there is need to provide more classes then there can be even 9 Classes also in a week.  As we are into practical trainings timings of classes keeps changing according to topics. So check and understand batch timing at the time before enrolling

Fees Payments

All the students are required to pay fees by 5th of every coming month till their full fees is not paid, irrespective of their admission or batch starting date. Courses having duration of 1 year, their fees is paid in first 5 months starting from enrolment date, courses having duration of 6 months, their fees is paid in first 3 months starting from enrolment date & courses having duration of 3 months, their fees is paid in first 2 months. Student can get the exact dates of fees payment mentioned on their first receipt by requesting at the time of admission. Every student needs to submit photo copy of all their fees receipts to get their Diploma’s/Certificate. In case of Late Fees payment there is penalty of Rs. 50 per day, this applies to all the students of any course in every situation

Outdoor Trainings/Activities

As we are into providing practical trainings so there are outdoor trainings/activities in most of the courses. Most of the time these activities are Free of Cost and students won’t need to pay anything. These trainings and activities are mandatory and it is important to participate to complete the course & for getting Diploma/Certificate. It is the responsibility of student to keep checking information of Outdoor Trainings/Activities on “Notice Board” in Institute or on Website and participate regularly till their course is not finished even if they are having breaks


All the courses have multiple class tests, few will be pre announced and few will remain surprises tests. Giving the entire class test is mandatory for all the students and passing marks is minimum 50%. Students who won’t appear in class tests won’t be allowed to appear in final examination

Final Examination: It is mandatory to score minimum 50% marks in every part of final examination to get Diploma/Certificate. For example: Air Ticketing GDS CRS Course is divided in 3 parts Practical, Codes Commands & Viva so to get certificate of completion student must pass all the 3 parts. Similarly most of the courses are going to have multiple final examinations.  In the course fees only one time final examination fees is included, so student who would score less than 50% or who remain absent because of any reason would need to pay Re-Examination fees if they wish to give final exam to complete the course. A re-Examination fee is Rs. 2500 per exam per student for each final exam of any course or any topic. So if student fails in final examination of all the parts would need to pay Rs. 7500 to appear in 3 examinations. To get Diploma/Certificate/Job/Placement Assistance/Practice Classes/Life Time Assistance it is important to pass all the parts of course/examination or student/s won’t get any of these

Withdrawal or Cancellation of Admission

As we are already working on very less profits or many time without any profit so fees paid once is 100% non refundable. In case of cancelling the admission at any point after the admission, there won’t be any kind of refunds. So there won’t be any kind of money back because of any reason or because of any situation. So please take admission only when you as a student/Guardian/Travel Aspirant are 100% sure

Job Guarantee/Placement

Every student is required to follow the placement process for getting the job. The entire process is mentioned on The Tourism School’s website, link for the same will come mentioned on your first receipt at the time of admission. Placement process starts only after receiving 100% fees of the course. Students who won’t go for the interviews or who won’t join job after getting selected would loose the Guarantee or Assistance for placement or internship provided by The Tourism School. Students of 29 Years of Age or higher won’t get Guarantee of Job in any course, they will get equal assistance for placement


Students are required to remain smartly and formally dressed up. Few functions or activities would need 100% formal dressing like Hotel Visits, Interviews, Mock Interviews etc. Hair style should also be formal for boys and girls both, boys should remain clean shaven whenever required. Bathroom slippers, floaters, track pants, gym clothing is not allowed. Students not dressed properly will not be allowed in the institute

Late Coming/Attendance/Holidays etc

Students are required to reach on time in classes and activities. Students coming late will not be allowed in the classes and The Tourism School holds right to charge Rs. 100 as late coming penalty. Every student must have 90% attendance to get eligible for final examinations or for getting Diploma/Certificate. Students taking holidays or students missing classes should cover up by taking notes from class mates or from faculty (through email) and it is the responsibility of student to coordinate with faculty for taking the missed class in different batch. Students who would remain absent for more than 15 days would need to pay Rs. 2000 as rejoining fees. Students who would need to come in new batch from the beginning would need to pay Rs. 5000. Students who would remain absent for 30 or more days would need to pay Rs. 10,000 as rejoining fees.

Laptop & Internet

Laptop & personal internet is mandatory in all the courses except in Air Ticketing GDS CRS Course, Aviation & Travel Management Diploma Course and Human Resource (HR) & Office Management Diploma Course. Students can use institute’s wifi (if available) in their laptops but not in their mobiles


By taking admission or participation in any course or activity of The Tourism School you agrees and allows The Tourism School to use your photographs, videos, testimonials on The Tourism School’s website, brochures, leaflets & on You Tube Channel and The Tourism School will only have 100% right on every videos, photographs & testimonials

General Rules & Regulations

·         The Tourism School is a website based institute so we have all the information mentioned on our website so it is the responsibility of Student and Student’s Guardians’ to visit the website regularly, Website address is: students who are enrolled must visit the” Notice Board” also which is given on Website.

·         The Tourism School never gives any kind of discounts neither has any hidden charges. Free trip out of Delhi will include, Accommodation, To & Fro Transportation, Basic Tours & Trainings & basic meals

·         As we provide Practical Training so we do not guarantee to keep the timing of the classes same we would keep changing the timings according to required trainings and classes

·         The Tourism School conducts multiple class and practice exams which are mandatory for students to give but there are no fees for that

·         Along with this in every course fee One Time Final Examination fees is included. For additional attempt or for Re-Examination additional fees will apply which is Rs. 2500 per final exam. In one course there could be 3 final exams also like one of air ticketing, one of world geography and one of travel package construction and destination training

·         To pass any exam student must score minimum 50% marks in all the final exams. Less than 50% is considered fail. For re-checking student would need to pay Rs. 200/exam

·         To get Guaranteed Job student must have minimum 90% attendance & must perform minimum 90% exercises and activities which are going to be very easy, there won’t be anything which anyone would say that it is difficult to do

·         Every student is requested to remain punctual and maintain decorum of the institute. Late coming penalty is Rs. 100 and penalty for disturbing the class is also Rs. 100 like by phone rings etc, so kindly keep your phone on vibration or silent mode

·         Students are not allowed to talk over the phone inside the institute so they are requested to leave institute premises for the same and join back after completely finishing the conversation

·         Ever student/parents/guardians should know how to write emails as most of the communication with the institute will also happen by emails

·         All those students who have enrolled themselves in any course having fees more than Rs. 20,000 should have access to Computer and Internet & they are requested to carry their laptop in class for better practical practice

·         All the male students are required to wear proper shoes and pants. Girls should also wear proper footwear, bathroom slippers, floaters are not allowed

·         The Tourism School holds the right of entrance of anyone in the institute before admission or after admission or after completing the course

Rules & Regulations of The Tourism School applies on Student & Students' Parents & Guardians which are mentioned on our Website: It is the responsibility of student/guardian/parents to keep visiting the notice board on institute's website on daily basis for every kind of updates. Decision of The Tourism School will prevail over & above all the rules and regulations. The Tourism School holds the right of changing terms and conditions or rules and regulations anytime. T&C Apply

Key to Success

Attend all your classes, remain regular, keep doing all the home work, exercises, perform all the practical trainings/practice, score minimum 50% in all the exams & you will surely remain successful


  • ·        Welcome to The Tourism School ( Anyone who lands on our website or in our institute gets into the contract or agreement having terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • ·      We are not part of any University or any other kind of organization or government of any country, or of IATA UFTAA and we are only sharing our experience of travel in the form of training. So any misconception linked to our accreditation or recognitions will not be entertained and the student or students’ parents or will be responsible for any decision made for admission having any kind of such impression.

  • ·      The Tourism School holds all the right of taking charges or fees for prospectus, demo class or for counseling without stating the same in advance. The Tourism School holds the right of entrance of anyone in the institute before admission or after admission or after completing the course. By giving your contact number or mobile number through any form on our website or through any other source you allow us to send you promotional sms & emails or informative sms and emails, which could get stopped by letting us know that you are not interested in receiving such information.

  • ·      All the Certificates or Diploma or any other kind of certification or accreditation offered or provided to any student is The Tourism School’s autonomous accreditation or certification. The Tourism School cannot be held responsible if the certificates, diploma or accreditation provided by The Tourism School is not entertained by any 3rd party or any institute or any company or by any organization or by any college or by any country. Our courses are not approved from AICTE or from UGC or from any other board of recognition or approval.

  • ·      Guarantee or Guaranteed or Surety or any other similar kind of words used on website or on any other material or prospectus or leaflet of The Tourism School has been defined below:

  • ·      We guarantee of Job only on completion of the entire courses’ all the parts successfully with minimum 70% marks. The Tourism School holds the right of making any change in marks or in examination or even in declared result. All the examinations are also controlled, planned and organized by The Tourism School solely. When we say we are the best or number 1 or any other similar things we mean to say we are the best considering our resources and the volume of content of topic covered by us in our courses. We don’t guarantee any kind of placement or placement assistance to anyone above 28 years of age. We do not guarantee any particular amount of salary that entirely depends on students’ performance. All the given Guarantees through our website or any other material gets fulfilled only if the students' act according to the guidance given from the very first day.

  • ·      We are only familiarizing our students with different product, software, systems or tools (like GDS, CRS, XML) of Travel & Tourism Industry and we are not authorized to issue or provide certificates, degrees or diplomas of any such things. We would only be providing the certificates of familiarizations with above said things.

  • ·      Payments & Refunds: All the students require paying the 100% fees before start taking the classes. In the case of failure of paying the fees students’ admission could be terminated without any warning or notice. There are no refunds in any case or because of any mistake of the student or of The Tourism School, refunding any part of fees or payment is solely the decision of The Tourism School and it cannot be forced in any case or because of any reasons.  If the student pays fees or any other kind of charges to The Tourism School by check (cheque) or by draft and the same gets bounced or doesn’t gets in cashed than the student is liable to pay INR 2000 as check (cheque) bouncing charges along with the equivalent amount in cash, the check (cheque) was drawn of. After taking the admission student is liable to pay the entire fees before completion of the course. After filling the admission form student needs to pay the 100% amount even if doesn’t complete the course or doesn’t even take single class. If the student of any course  fails in final examination or doesn't appear in exam or gets absent or appears more than 10 minutes late for the examination because of any reason then the student needs to pay INR 5000 as examination fees for appearing in the exam which can be rescheduled.

  • ·      In case of any kind of damage to the property or respect or reputation or decorum of The Tourism School caused by any student or students’ friends or relatives or people linked with the student, than student and the linked people will be prosecuted and will be liable to pay double of the amount of the damage caused.

  • ·      Tours, Travels, Events or Activities: It is mandatory for all the students to participate in all the tours, events or traveling related activities organized by The Tourism School time to time and The Tourism School has all the right to charge any amount for the same. In case of not taking part in the activities organized by The Tourism School, student will need to pay double the cost (per head) of the same activity. The Tourism School has the right of turning the Free Guaranteed Tours into chargeable activity even after giving admission on any conditions.  

  • ·      The Tourism School has only 1 study center which is right now based out of 505 Rohit House, 3 Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi - 110001. Any other contact numbers or addresses mentioned on our website or on our prospectus or on our leaflet is of temporary or permanent partners who may or may not remain available to help or provide any kind of services or help to anyone linked or interested in The Tourism School.

  • ·      All the information or training or teaching or classes given by The Tourism School are collected by several different resources & are result of personal work experience of The Tourism School’s teachers or faculties so The Tourism School doesn’t take responsibility of their accuracy and declares that it is just a convenient source of information for those who need our help and nothing else. is only a source of advertisement and doesn’t guarantee anything so user’s discretion is strongly advised.



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Students are requested to pay 18% GST on all the fees and charges. Effective from 1st July 2017

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