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Tourism School is the GUARANTEE of Successful Career in Tourism & Aviation Industry through 100% Practical Training, Work Experience, Traveling, Trips & Tours

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The Tourism School is founded by the group of Travel Industry Veterans who are actively developing & benefiting the Travel Industry from last more than 30 years.  The need of entire Tourism, Aviation & Hospitality Industry of getting the best practical training while doing their jobs and business inspired us to create a unique training module to train the people already working & those also who wanted to be the part of Tourism, Aviation & Hospitality Industry.


We have trained employers & employees in all the divisions of Travel Industry in minimum time & in most practical manner. We have more than 30 years experience of training the Travel Agents in the best practical manner with excellent results through different resources & partners.

Further the increasing demand of all the Tourism Industry & of Travel Agents of having practically trained travel experts capable of doing all the work of Travel Industry from the very first day of their jobs made us start training the students interested in making their career in Travel & Tourism Industry. We have trained Fresh Students from the age group of 16 to 65 with the Guaranteed Jobs. We have trained & placed thousands of students in last few years. Moreover we have trained people in the age group of 24 to 55 who wanted to start their travel agencies & now hundreds of our students running their own profitable Travel Agencies & earning in Lakhs.

Our training methodology is very simple & practical. We simply make our students do all the work in reality in their course, instead of teaching them theory. While doing their course our students have to issue the Air Tickets in reality, have to book Hotels, have to make Travel Packages, have to deal with clients, have to Travel with Groups, have to do the work of Tour Guide, have to do the real work of all the divisions of Travel & Tourism Industry & that all happens at our cost. Moreover we make our students even do the real Marketing, Advertisements & Sales also while doing the course & all of that happens in a very playful & practical manner. It is the result of our training methodology that we are able to provide 100% GUARANTEED JOB to our students. To know about courses please click: COURSES

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