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Visa & Immigration Business Management Practical Course
Extensive practical training for starting Visa Business without depending on agents

Course Name: Visa Counselling & Marketing (available for limited period)
Duration: 1 Week - Total 3 Hours (support 2 months) 
Course Content: How to do counselling of Visa Clients for Visa of any country. Notes, Forms, Documents List part of course
Fees: Rs. 10,000 only - This course is provided free with all the courses having fees of Rs. 30,000 or more

Course Name: Schengen 27 Countries of Europe Student, Visitor, Tourist, Sponsored, Family, Business, Pilgrimage, Event, Sports Visa
Fees: Rs. 40,000 only, Course Content: Complete work for getting Schengen Visa - Includes every document & work an Agent needs to do. See detailed content below
Duration:2 Weeks+ As per batch & students satisfaction. Includes: Support, repeating batch twice, notes, pdf, SOP, Letters, guidance

Course Name: Visitor & Student Visa (Includes Transit, Spouse, Tourist, Pilgrimage, Visiting Friends & Relatives, Emergency Visa)
Duration: 2 Weeks + 2 Months Support + Life Time Support for students learning sincerely Class Time 7 or 8 PM (1 to 2 Hour Class)
Fees: Rs. 30,000 Choose any one
Australia | Canada | New Zealand | UK | USA | Any Country Excluding South American Countries
Course ContentMaking complete Visa File, Client Counselling, Financials, Filling-up the visa forms, writing SOP - Covering Letters, hotel vouchers, air tickets, paying fees to embassy - VFS, uploading all the documents, taking appointments, submitting Visa file, collecting passport, collecting Visa, charging fees from client in advance

Course Name: Financial Documents For Any Country For Any Person For Any Situation (Valid for Entire World All Types of Visa)
Duration: 1 Week + 2 Time Batch Repeating Allowed (Till concept is not clear) + 6 Months Support
Fees: Rs. 40,000 Class Duration 1 to 2 Hour, Class Time anytime between 6 to 10 PM 

Course Name: Asia Tourist Visa This course is available for limited period, will discontinue soon
Duration: 1 Day ( 3 to 6 Hours Long Class ) + 2 Months Support for repeating, doubt classes and for real application
Fees: Rs. 30,000
Countries: China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Laos & Hong Kong, Fiji, 
Class Time: Either Saturday or Sunday as per batch construction 

Course Name: Most Important of Entire World - Visitor Visa with understanding of Student Visa & Work Visa Documents, Criteria & Filling-Up Work Visa Forms
Duration: 1 Month approximately + 1 Month Practice, Doubt Sessions and 2 Months Support - Total 3 Months 
Fees: Rs. 1,20,000 Online 7 PM or 8 PM choose class in Institute or Online any mode. Fees increasing to 1.5 Lakh in few days
Countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand Schengen, UK & USA (When fees was 1 Lakh USA was not included till 28 Feb 2024)
Class Time: 7 or 8 or 9 PM Online. In Institute: Same Time
Duration of Class: 1 to 2 hours (Doubt Session in institute between 1 to 4 PM) 

Course Name: Canada / OR Australia & New Zealand / OR USA America / OR Schengen UK - Visitor, Business, Transit & Study Visa Discontinued
Duration: 2 Weeks (start earning in 7 days - do real file during class) + 2 Week Practice + 1 Month Doubt Session & Support - Total 2 Months 
Fees: Rs. 50,000. Rs. 60,000 would be effective soon
What is taught in the course: Making complete Visa File, filling-up the visa forms, writing SOP - Covering Letters, hotel vouchers, air tickets, paying fees to embassy - VFS, uploading all the documents, taking appointments, submitting Visa file, collecting passport, collecting Visa, charging fees from client in advance
Support after completing the course: Support for 2 month post completion for sincere students
Class Time: 8 PM or 7 PM In Institute and Online also

Course Name: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen, United Kingdom & USA Work Permit, Work Visa, PR, Student Visa & Visitor Visa
Duration: 2 Months + 2 Months Doubts Sessions + 2 Months Support - Total 6 Months
Fees: Rs. 5,00,000 (Five Lakh INR Only) Fees will increase to Rs. 6 Lakh in few days
Class Time: 7 or 8 or 9 PM (Single Country Work Visa Fees Rs. 1,00,000 - Choose any 1 country)
Duration of class: 1 hour to 3 hours
What is taught in the course: Making complete Visa File, filling-up the visa forms, making relevant documents, writing SOP, LOI, Covering Letters, making travel itineraries, hotel vouchers, dummy air tickets, paying fees to embassy, uploading all the documents, taking appointments, submitting Visa file, collecting passport, collecting Visa, charging fees from client, taking admission, doing tie-up with Universities & a lot more
Support after completing the course: Support for 1 year post completion for sincere students, Documents, Notes, Books all included

Course Name: Canada Every Type of Visa including PR & Express Entry
Duration: 1 Month
Fees: Rs. 3 Lakh
Class Time: 8 PM Online. In Institute: 1 PM
Duration of Class Minimum 1 hour maximum 2 hours
What is taught in the course: Every type of Canada Visa filling-up, making all the relevant documents, applying PR, PNP, Work Permit, LMIA and a lot more

Course Name: Mexico & USA Work Permit by Asylum Process
Duration: 1 Week
Fees: Rs. 10 Lakh
Class Time 10 PM Online. In Institute: 2 PM

Course Name: Entire World All Types of Visa possible for General Public
Duration: 1 Year
Fees: Rs. 30 Lakh (INR 30,000,00)
Class Time: 4 PM onwards. Available only online
Duration of Class: 1 Hour to 4 Hours

Admission Process: 
Pay 50% fees at the time of admission and balance 50% after 2 classes
UPI Id : Tschool@HdfcBank
Account Number: 50200020992397
IFSC Code : HDFC0000708
Account in the name of : Lion Tourism Private Limited
Swift Code: HDFCINBBXXX (required when transferring from out of India)
To pay through Credit Card or E Wallet Click Here
No Discounts No Hidden Charges Classes available in the institute and online also. Taking online classes is mandatory for all

The Tourism School Location & Address

Connaught Place, New Delhi 901, 902 & 901 A 

Rohit House, 3 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi

Near Modern School & Metro Station

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Students from Pakistan: Please use same account detail & get fees transferred from UAE or Europe or from any country of the world other than Pakistan

Course Content

Visitor Visa & General Topics: 
Step by Step Process of complete Visa Application
Authority letter
Recommendation letter writing
Letter of Intent Writing and Samples
Declaration to protect Visa Agent from any problem or wrong clients or legal issues
Types of Visa
List of Visa Documents
Steps to Apply Visa
Sponsored Visa
Invitation Visa
SOP Writing for Visitor or Tourist Visa
Making Travel Itinerary - with samples
Making Hotel Vouchers - with samples and format
Making Dummy Air Tickets
Secrets of Travel Agents
Secrets of Visa Agents
Making Travel Invoice
Booking Travel Services for Visa Without Charges
Visa Appointments
Getting Visa Appointments when Visa Appointments not available
Visa Biometrics
Applying Visa Application without Financial Documents
Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Sports Visa
Business Visa Invitation Letter
Visa for meeting Friends and Relatives
Pilgrimage Visa
Hajj Visa
Umrah Visa
Medical Visa
Understanding Schengen Visa
Rules of Schengen Visa
Europe Destination Knowledge for Schengen Visa Success
Single Entry Visa
Double Entry Visa
Multiple Entry Visa
Priority Visa
Super Visa
Official Visa
Types of Documents
List of countries for which Indians don't need Visa
Electronic visa
Sticker Visa
Stamp Visa
Electronic Visa Authority 
Paper Visa
Group Visa
Visa on Arrival
Group Visa Application Appointment
Visa Fees Waiver
Duration of Visa
How much fund should be shown
Extending Visa while travelling
Financial Profile Making
How to show Funds
How to improve financial documents
List of 40 different Financial Documents
List of different reasons of travelling required to be mentioned
List of different reasons of returning to reduce refusal chances
How to improve Bank Statement
How much a Visa Agent should charge
How to get clients
How to advertise
How to register your business
How to take Visa License if your location is Punjab
Cancellation charges and refund policy
Authority letter
NOC writing and samples

Course Content related to Student Visa Course
Step by Step of complete Student Visa Application Practically
Recognised Scholarships for International Students
Scholarship Process for International Students
University Tie Up 
Commission Earning on each admission
SOP Writing for admissions in foreign institutions with samples
Steps of SOP writing
Qualities in a SOP
Converting Student Visa into Work Permit
Student Visa Enquiry Form - Samples also
List of Universities for easy admissions
List of suitable courses
List of colleges and courses for Pathway Programme 
Student Visa Admission Form Practice - Samples also
Student Visa Fees Transfer Process
Earning on Students College Fees Payment out of India
Depending Study Visa
Visa Interview Questions for students
Visa Interview Questions Practice
Visa approval on Visa Refusal Cases
Eligibility list for Student Visa in any country
Student Visa in low budget
Student Visa Payment Later Process without loss
Student Visa in Less IELTS Score
Student Visa without IELTS
Guaranteed Investment Certification - GIC practical process

Course Content related to Work Permit
Step by Step Process of complete Visa Application
Work Visa Tie Up
Work Visa Job Offer Tie Up
Work Visa Job Offer Guarantee
UK Work Visa CAS
Work Permit through student Visa
Open Work Permit from India
Horticulture Work Permit
Viticulture Work Permit
Music Work Permit
Sports Trainer Work Permit
Working Holiday Visa
Open Work Permit
Closed Work Permit
Spouse Work Permit
Dependent Open Work Permit
Post Graduation Work Permit
How to Get Job in any country
Seasonal Work Permit

Course Content related to Permanent Residency
Contact Detail of Advocates in countries you would like to get PR from
Golden Visa
Investment Visa
PR on the basis of education
PR on the basis of skills
PR on the basis of work experience
PR on the basis of study
PR on the basis of demand
Citizenship in Portugal
Portugal Citizenship for Goans
PR Scoring Process
LMIA Complete Process
Visa through Labour Market Assessment for Canada
Express Entry complete process
PR Lottery
Green Card Lottery
Provincial Nominee Complete Process
Express Entry on urgent cases
Blanket Visa
Super Visa
Agriculture Visa
Professionals Visa
Seafarers Visa
Asylum Visa
Asylum Process
Asylum Form Filling Up
Visa Approval for Deportees
MBBS Assessment Process

Choose learning PR Process of any 1 country at the fees of Rs. 2 Lakh

Frequently asked questions
Q: Would we get to fill Visa forms practically
A: Yes filling-up real Visa application forms is part of course

Q: Would we get to make complete Visa file
A: Yes that is the most important part of the course

Q: Would we learn how to profile the client or Visa applicant
A: Yes you would learn to choose the right type of Visa and the process for your client

Q: Is there any age bar for doing this course
A: There is no age bar but we recommend if you have not celebrated your 22nd birthday yet, then wait & join once you are 22 year old

Q: What is the minimum qualification required for doing this course
A: Minimum 12th pass who can read, write and understand English

Q: Can I get refund if I am not satisfied or if I fail to start the classes
A: No we follow no refund policy

Q: What are the timings of the classes
A: 7 PM every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Q: Can I get job on the basis of this course
A: Yes jobs are easily available as it is 100% practical course

Q: Where should I apply for job after doing this course
A: In any country with Embassies, VFS or Immigration or Travel Companies

Q: How much investment is required for starting Visa Business
A: One can start Visa Business without any investment also

Q: Classes are online or in the institute
A: Classes are online through zoom. Yes students are welcome for practical doubts in the institute also without any charges

Q: Can a student do entire course in the institute only without taking classes online
A: Yes students are welcome to do the complete course in the institute also

Q: Would we get some notes or books
A: Yes books and notes are included and provided after receiving 100% fees from the student

Q: Can we get recording of the class
A: Yes students can take few recordings without any extra cost. If recordings taken of entire course then fees is 4 times the original fees

Q: Are there any doubt sessions
A: Yes students are welcome to take doubt sessions one on one basis also without any extra cost

Q: How should I fix my doubt session
A: Directly take schedule from the faculty or send email at: [email protected]

Q: When can I start the course
A: Every month we starts 2 new batches

Q: How many students are there in a batch
A: Minimum 4 Maximum 24

Q: Can I take online class with camera off
A: No all the students needs to keep their camera on and they should be clearly visible during the class

Q: Can I get a free demo class before joining the course
A: Yes just see at top or bottom of the page already pre-recorded real classes are available

Q: Is there any exam also
A: Yes there are surprise test and final exam. Giving final exam is not mandatory

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France Visa application official website: copyright document

UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Visa official website: copyright document

Australia Visa official website: copyright document

New Zealand Visa official website: copyright document

China Visa official website: copyright document copyright document

Thailand Visa official website: copyright document

Malaysia Visa official website: copyright document

Singapore Visa official website: copyright document

Russia Visa official website: copyright document

Mexico Visa official website: copyright document

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