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World's First & Most Practical 
Visa Management Course for Starting Visa Business
Suitable for Immigration Agents, Travel Agents, IELTS Trainers & Visa Agents of any age
Suitable for those who want job in VFS, Embassies or in Visa Companies or in Travel Companies

Canada:1 Month, Only Schengen & UK: 3 Weeks, Entire World: 3 Months

1 Year Support for unlimited doubt sessions when doing specialised course www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content

Online students are welcome in institute also for personalized doubt sessions and practical file preparation free of cost www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content

High Value Practical Books included. Our "Visa Training" means we would train you practically for applying any type of Visa successfully

Guarantee of Earning Minimum Rs. 50,000 Per Month if starting your own Visa Business
Guarantee of Job if looking for Job

Only Canada 1 Month Course
Fees Rs. 35,000
Covers all types of Canada Visa 
Including PR, LMIA, Student Visa, Super Visa, PNP, Visitor, Work etc

Only Schengen & United Kingdom: 
Fees Rs. 30,000
Covers Student, Work, Visitor, Sponsor, Business, PR 
Every kind of Visa for entire Europe

Entire World Visa Training: Rs. 2,50,000. Only till 30th August 2023
Every kind of Visa & All the countries are covered with lifetime support

University, Advocates & Placement Agency's Overseas Tie-up Entire World
Commission Earning Process: Fees Rs. 20,000 (Documents + Formats)

Canada, Schengen, UK, Australia, New Zealand Tourist Visa & Student Visa Course
Mix of Live & Pre Recorded Classes. Duration: 1 Month. Fees: Rs. 40,000 Fees increasing soon

USA, UK, Schengen & Australia - Tourist Visa (Pre Recorded Classes) + Documents List + Format of SOP, Covering Letter, Travel Itinerary & Air Ticket. Total Fees only: Rs. 6000 (Total classes 6)

USA Asylum Rules & Form only Legal way - Fees: Rs. 1 Lakh (Via Mexico & direct USA also)
Only USA Visa Training (all types of USA Visa) Fees: Rs. 50,000 Fees: Rs. 30,000 only B1 B2

Fees increases every 2nd month as course content improves. No hidden charges, no discounts
Fees can be paid in 2 instalments.
Trainers reachable by Whats App also: 98719 32556, 011 4154 0044, 98997 74448
Please don't call for discounts
Complete course available in pre-recorded classes + one on one live doubt classes. Fees is same
Secure your seat by paying only Rs. 10,000
This amount would be reduced from total fees
Course Content Highlights For Entire World Visa Course
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content

  • Visa understanding and important terminologies 
  • Types of Visa www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • Visa Documents - Covering every kind of Visa & of all the countries
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Sponsored Visa
  • Steps to apply any Visa for any Country. Covering entire world
  • Schengen Visa (Europe) www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • Canada Student Visa Training
  • Canada SOP Writing, Training & Service
  • Canada, Australia, UK Student Fees transfer process
  • Canada PR www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • Canada Tourist Visa
  • Canada Business Visa
  • Australia Student Admission and Visa
  • Canada LMIA
  • Canada Express Entry
  • Canada PNP www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • USA Blanket Visa
  • Europe Work Permit and Job Process
  • UAE Dubai Visa
  • UK Visa
  • USA tourist Visa, business Visa, 10 years multiple entry Visa
  • USA Visa Interview preparation 
  • USA PR Process
  • Australia PRwww.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • Australia Tourist Visa
  • Australia Business Visa
  • China Visa
  • Singapore Visa
  • Japan Visawww.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  • How to get Visa related jobs
  • Starting Visa or Immigration Business without investment & start earning within 30 Days  

Canada Visa Training Course Content

When anyone want to become Student Visa Agent for Canada and Australia then below mentioned are possible questions one want answers of and we would give complete training for all of this: 

  1. Reasons of Visa Refusal and process to reduce visa refusal or rejection
  2. Applying and Getting Visa of those who have refusal (All the types of Visa)
  3. Applying Canada Visa for Deportee Candidates from any country
  4. Canada Visit, Family, Super, Agriculture, Study, Work, Business every type of Visa Practical Work
  5. Easiest process for getting Canada - Open Work Permit
  6. Canada Sponsorship Visa Process with 100% Success Rate
  7. Canada Asylum Process with 100% Success Rate
  8. Canada Express Entry - Counseling, Documentation, Starting the file, getting 100% success
  9. Practical Class - Canada Visa Application Starting on Canada.ca & uploading documents
  10. Canada Work Permit, PGWP, LMIA - complete practical implementation
  11. Provincial Nominee Program - practical application and getting visa successfully                                 Canada Student Visa Topics
  12. Who can take admission www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  13. What are the different English Exams, what are their charges
  14. Do we need Visa also along with Study Permit
  15. For how long Study Permit is valid
  16. When admissions starts www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  17. What is the average fees
  18. How much amount is required to show
  19. How to transfer course fees
  20. What all documents are required
  21. What about those who are going for School admissions
  22. Who can get Visa with student
  23. How long it takes www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  24. What are the legitimate charges
  25. What the charges we can take
  26. Work flow
  27. How to get Students Scholarships
  28. How to write SOP www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
  29. How to get job after completing study in Canada
  30. How to get admissions for those who have been refused visa earlier
  31. How to get admissions of those who have less than 6 bands in IELTS
  32. How to counsel the student - enquiry form
  33. Few reliable institutes/colleges/Universities www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content 
  34. GIC Process - Fees Transfer Practical Process without paying commission to anyone
  35. Sample admission form in Canada
  36. Contact detail of reliable immigration Advocates in Canada
  37. Provincial nominee real practical processing for Manitoba
  38. Provincial nominee real practical processing for Saskatchewan and for all other territories 
  39. Making Travel Itinerary, Hotel Voucher etc for getting any type of Canada Visa
Canada Visa Course Fees with Recordings of all the classes: Rs. 60,000
Click and Pay to Join Canada Visa Training Classes without Recordings Rs. 35,000
No Discounts No Hidden Charges

Course Content for doing only Schengen & UK Visa Course
Including Industry Practical Global Certification
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
1. Understanding all the different types of Schengen & UK Visa
2. How to get Schengen and UK Visa for anyone
3. Mistakes to avoid which causes refusal of Schengen and UK Visa
4. Writing perfect Covering Letter. Samples are also provided
5. Making perfect Travel Itinerary, which is mandatory document without expense. Samples are also provided www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
6. Making Hotel Vouchers without expense. Format is provided to use entire life  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
7. Making Authority Letter. This protects Visa Agent from all the legal hassles and it is a mandatory document
8. Making other supporting documents without any expense
9. Managing financial documents as per applicant
10. Preparing complete file for submission
11. Taking appointment www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
12. Training applicant to submit the Visa File or Getting Visa file submitted without applicant/client
13. Applying visa for those who are not having proper financial documents
14. Practical work covering all the steps of Visa Filing 
15. Collecting passport and Visa www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
16. Complete process of getting Schengen & UK - Work Permit
17. Complete process of getting Schengen & UK - Student Permit
18. Complete process of getting PR of Schengen and UK
19. Complete process of getting PR of Schengen and UK
20. Applying & Getting Visa for Refusal Cases www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
To Join Schengen & UK Visa Course, click here and pay Rs. 30,000 with Recordings Rs 50,000

All these topics are part of Full Course of Visa Management also without any additional charges 

Updated on 16 July 2022

To Join only Schengen & UK Visa Course, click here and pay full fees Rs. 30,000

No Discounts

No Hidden Charges

Admission Process

  • Pay fees by clicking the above given "Pay Now" Button OR use UPI Id: TSchool@HdfcBank
  • Every month we have a new batch starting
  • Once you have paid the fees, you will get receipt
  • All the fees & charges paid are 100% non refundable
  • Those who wish to pay in Cash can visit institute
  • Documents required: Id Proof and latest photograph 
  • Students can pay the fees by transferring in 
The Tourism School's India Bank Account.
Bank Name: HDFC
Branch: Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 
Account No: 50200020992397, 
IFSC Code: HDFC0000708

Students can also pay fees using UPI ID: Tschool@HdfcBank

Account on the name of: Lion Tourism Private Limited
  • Students paying fees in instalments would get notes/recordings and other support only after paying the full fees

The Tourism School Location & Address

Connaught Place - 901, 902 & 901 A 

Rohit House, 

3 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi

Near Barakhamba Road Metro Station

CALL: 011-4161 7565,

011-4154 0044;

Whats App: 98719 32556,

Mobile: 98997 74407

WRITE US: Faculty@TheTourismSchool.com

The Tourism School is Represented by Lion Tourism Private Limited

Visa Training Fees As Per Country or Groups of Countries

UAE Visa Training Fees: Rs. 10,000

African Countries any 6: Rs. 15,000
Brazil, Mexico and Argentina: Rs. 15,000
Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey: Rs. 10,000
Australia and New Zealand: 20,000
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand: Rs. 10,000
Q. What are the class timings?
A. 8 PM if taken live online classes. 9 AM if taken classes in the institute. 

Q. When is the new batch starting  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
A. Every month we have a new batch starting. Mostly in 2nd week of the month

Q. How many students are there in a class?
A. Minimum 5 and maximum 15  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content

Q. Can I take online classes or I have to come to Institute only?
A. Both the options are available. One can choose whatever one may like

Q. Would I get support after the course also?  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
A. Yes there is 100% support and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Q. As world is still a bit effected by Coronavirus Pandemic, do we still have jobs available?
A. Yes the jobs are available & applicants for PR, Work Visa, Study Visa have increased

Q. How are Online Classes, would I be able to ask questions in Online Classes?
A. Online classes are very interactive & live and you can ask as many questions as you want. Click the link and watch one of the class for understanding https://youtu.be/2Ruu-vGRP_s

Q. Can I get private session also from the Trainer  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
A. Yes you can request for private sessions and you will get it without any extra charge

Q. Do I have to give exam to get Certificate/Diploma? 
A. Yes giving exam is mandatory, passing marks are 50%, if you attend classes sincerely you will never fail. Still if someone fails in exam, one can follow the process of Re-Examination

Q. Can I take online classes from my mobile phone  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
A. Yes you can take your classes from mobile or desktop or tab or laptop

Q. If I miss any class then?
A. If you miss any class then you will get backup session/notes

Q. If I like to cancel the admission after paying the fees then how can I get fees refunded
A. Fees paid once is 100% non-refundable. Please read everything nicely, watch our class videos already available on this page and on our youtube channel, pay fees only if you are sure

Q. What is the fees for only recordings of entire world. Would I get to ask questions if I take only recordings?
A. As yet the fees for recordings of entire world is Rs. 75,000 till 30 November. Yes students can book private session in case of any doubts. 

Q. What is the duration of the class & would I need to do some home work also
A. Duration of class is minimum 1 Hour and Maximum 4 Hours, depending on students and their questions. Yes you would need to do few practical exercises, which you will enjoy and would be very easy  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content

The Tourism School Location & Address

Connaught Place - Central Delhi: 801, 901, 902 & 901 A 

Rohit House, 3 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110001,

Near Barakhamba Road Metro Station Gate No 3

CALL: 011-4161 7565,

011-4154 0044;

Whats App: 98719 32556,

Mobile: 98997 74407

WRITE US:  Faculty@TheTourismSchool.com

The Tourism School is Represented by Lion Tourism Private Limited


The Best Place to Learn Practically

Useful Visa Links of official websites  www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright course content
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

USA Visa application: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

UK Visa official website link: https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-come-to-the-uk
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Canada Visa applications all types of Visa - Official Website: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada.html
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

France Visa application official website: https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en/web/france-visas/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Visa official website: https://u.ae/en#/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Australia Visa official website: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

New Zealand Visa official website: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

China Visa official website: https://www.mfa.gov.cn/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Thailand Visa official website: https://www.thaievisa.go.th/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Malaysia Visa official website: https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/content/28905
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Singapore Visa official website: https://www.mfa.gov.sg/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Russia Visa official website: https://evisa.kdmid.ru/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Mexico Visa official website: https://www.gob.mx/
www.TheTourismSchool.com copyright document

Visa free countries for Indians
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