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Cancellation, Refund and Moneyback Policy (TTS) offers “Money Back Guarantee” in respect of certain certificate courses (please note: diploma or degree courses offered are not covered here) offered exclusively by TTS, which are priced at Rs. 12,000 (Rupees Twelve Thousand Only) or below on, wherein users may cancel their enrollment for a certificate course and obtain a refund (subject to deduction of administrative and handling charges) of the course fees. The applicability of ‘Money Back Guarantee’ for a particular course is indicated by ‘Money Back Guarantee’ logo next to the course name on the course page. The ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is not applicable for courses wherein the indicative logo does not appear on the course page.

The Money Back Guarantee policy is explained below in detail. We request you to email us at or call our Customer Relations at +91-11-9212009920 if you need any further clarity. Enrolling for a course from TheTourismSchool or its partners applies that you agree to and will abide by the terms & conditions stated below.

1. The Money Back Guarantee is valid for a period of 24 (twenty four) hours from the time the user login and password is emailed or otherwise made available to the user.

2. The Money Back Guarantee will be subject to deduction of various applicable administrative and handling charges. At present, the administrative and handling charges amount to Rs. 1000 for courses listed at (MRP) Rs. 3000 or less and Rs. 2000 for courses above Rs. 3000 and upto Rs. 11,000. The administrative and handling charges are subjected to revision from time to time.

3. The Money Back Guarantee is not applicable on any of the degree and diploma programs offered on the Site.

4. The Money Back Guarantee is available only to users within India.

5. The Money Back Guarantee will not be applicable if the User uses any discount coupon or a promotional code or gets or enjoys any kind of Discount taken from The Tourism School or given by The Tourism School under any conditions. The Money Back Guarantee will not apply for any course operated in which admission is not taken directly with The Tourism School

6. The Money Back Guarantee will not be applicable in relation to any supplementary classroom seminars, training sessions, lectures etc. delivered in the premises of TheTourismSchool or one of its classroom training partners which are offered in conjunction with the courses offered through

7. If you would like to exercise the Money Back Guarantee policy, please ensure the ‘Money back Guarantee’ period is valid on your course.

8. The Money Back Guarantee will not be applicable for any regular course of which classes are given by any Faculty of The Tourism School physically or through any online system.

9. Users wishing to avail ‘Money Back Guarantee’ may do so by writing to with the subject ‘Money Back Guarantee’, including the following details:

(a) Course name

(b) Invoice number

(c) Date of purchase

(d) Contact number

10. The refund will take 7 to 60 working days to process, the refund amount will be transferred in your credit card or debit card if paid by credit or debit card, if paid by bank transfer then the refund amount will be transferred in the same bank account, if paid physically then we would provide you physical cheque of refund amount.

11. Upon processing of the refund, the user’s account will be deactivated.

12. TheTourismSchool may, at its sole discretion, reject requests for availing the Money Back Guarantee from users requesting serial or repeated returns, or Users who violate or are suspected of violation of the Terms of Use, Disclaimer Policy or any other terms and conditions of use of the Website.

This Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee Policy is part of, and incorporated within, the Terms of Use. As a condition of registering with and using the services offered through this Website, you expressly acknowledge that you have read and understand this Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee Policy and you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. If at any time you disagree with this Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee Policy or any part of it, your sole remedy is to cease all use of TheTourismSchool services and terminate your account. However, any transactions occurring prior to the date of such termination shall be governed and controlled in full by the terms of this Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee Policy.

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