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Travel Agency Management

  1. Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing terminologies, rules, regulations, codes & commands
  2. GDS - CRS - Air Ticketing Practical Training - Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing Codes, Airlines, Airports, City, Country Codes, Air Ticketing Commands, PNR Creation, Reservations, Cancellations, Que, Refunds etc
  3. Air Tickets Reservations, Cancellations, Reissuance, Que, Refunds, Segment breaking, Itinerary pricing, Tickets Issuance etc
  4. Interview Practice & Mock Interviews
  5. Personality Development
  6. Communication Improving Tactics
  7. Airport Management, Ground Handling, Flight Crew Assistance, Airport & Flights virtual visits, airport codes & names
  8. Visas - Documentation, Fees, Forms, Procedure, Filling, Pricing, Duration etc
  9. Practicing Visa Work
  10. Hotels Bookings
  11. Understanding Hotel Packages
  12. Practicing Hotel Packages
  13. Understanding what is tourism - Understanding divisions of Travel Agency, Travel Industry etc
  14. World Geography - Locations, cities, attractions, how to reach, airlines, continents etc
  15. Map Practice
  16. Understanding what are Travel Packages
  17. Understanding what are Travel Itineraries
  18. Destination & Product Training through Presentations & Videos: How to reach, famous cities & attractions, sightseeing, transportation within a city, transfers, hotels, Indian restaurants, activities, shopping, souvenirs, package cost, duration of the package, itineraries & a lot more
  19. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Bintan
  20. Practicing Travel Packages
  21. Making real itineraries
  22. Costing of Travel Packages & Hotels
  23. Sightseeing, Tours, Activities, Nightlife bookings
  24. Airport, Train Station, Bus Stand, Port return transfers booking
  25. Internal & Intercity transfers bookings
  26. Hotels, Sightseeing, Tours, Activities, Transfers Vouchers designing and issuance
  27. Indian Railways Booking
  28. Nepal, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh
  29. Self Internship - 3 to 6 Months
  30. Guaranteed Job


Duration - 6 Months

Fees - 45,000/-

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