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Step 1: Learn handling of DSLR Camera and mic & practice the same

Step 2: Learn Video Making & Photography & practice the same

Step 3: Learn writing the pitch & delivery of the same in impressive manner, practice dialogue delivery

Step 4: Learn the importance of editing, a host should also know this

Step 5: Enhance your knowledge of Travel Destinations & choose the right destination

Step 6: Use camera through tripod & shoot the video while delivering valuable information about the same destination

Step 7: Learn how to get it on Television or on important Travel Channels

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Travel & Food Journalism




  1. Learning the job of Travel Show Host & practicing practically
  2. Learning the job of Food Show Host & practicing practically
  3. Production of Travel & Food Show
  4. Handling and Understanding DSLR Camera & Tripods
  5. Hosting Travel & Food Videos. Minimum 12 Practical Shootings
  6. Travel and Food Blog Creation - Instagram practical work
  7. Travel  and Food Vlog Creation - You Tube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc
  8. Tourist Attractions Photography - Practical coverage of minimum 10 Attractions
  9. Food Photography - Practical Practice and Projects
  10. Tourist Attractions Video Making. Minimum 10 Practical Shootings
  11. Street Food Video Making. Minimum 6 Practical Coverage
  12. Travel Article Writing. Minimum 15 Articles Writing Guidance and Practical Work
  13. How to organize & Upload Videos and Photos Practical Practice
  14. How to do Photo & Video Editing Practical Practice
  15. How to develop your Travel Journalism work as a Brand
  16. Audio Recording & Editing Practical Work
  17. How to use Photos as Videos
  18. How to make Time Lapse Videos
  19. Travel News Making Practical Work
  20. Guaranteed Earning from 4th Month
  21. Travel News Recording & Publishing minimum 4 Videos
  22. Travel News Hosting
  23. Covering Travel News - Practical Project

Course Fees: 1,000,00 Rs. all inclusive – Professional Camera not mandatory during the course

Duration: 6 Months - Only weekend classes are also possible

Training: 100% Practical & 80% Classes will happen outside the institute

Batch Size: Maximum 4 Students



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