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Hello, I am Dolma, I welcome you to real Ladakh

If you want to experience Ladakh in a different manner, if you like to explore local life of Ladakh people & nomads, then I will be happy to organize your travel needs. As we have our own accommodation we would provide you a unique experience in best price and with excellent service

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  1. Ladakh is more influenced by Tibbet than any part of India

  2. Motorcycle tours which are considered as act of Heroism and bravery are actually spoiling the terrain and environment of Ladakh and are not appreciated by Locals

  3. Ladakh use to be an important part of ancient Silk Route and India became part of Silk Route because of Ladakh

  4. Siachen Glacier & Karakoram are part of Ladakh

  5. To understand real Ladakh one must spend time with Changpa's & should live like them, that is real Ladakh

  6. The most precious asset for Ladakh Nomads is Pashmina Goats, with the hair of which authentic Pashmina Shawls are made

  7. Aksai Chin border between India and China is disputed part of Ladakh because of which in 1962 a war was fought between India and China

  8. One of the Official languages of Ladakh is Ladakhi which is influenced by Tibbet, English and Hindi is also official languages

  9. Close to year 1960 Indian Government Built Srinagar Leh Highway which reduced the 16 days journey to 2 days

  10. Siachen which is one of the parts of Ladakh is the highest battleground of the world

  11. Baltistan which is part of Pakistan, use to be part of Ladakh and at that time Ladakh also use to have 2 capitals one Leh and second Skardo the winter capital of Ladakh. But now Skardo is in Baltistan - Pakistan

  12. Ladakh is majorly divided into two districts Leh and Kargil

  13. In entire India the Black Necked Crane can be seen only in Ladakh which is precious part of flora and fauna and an endangered bird 

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