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Human Resource Management and Office Management Diploma

Course Curriculum

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1.       Manpower Planning and Organization Charts

a.      Basics of Manpower Planning

b.      How to do Manpower Planning

c.      Correlation b/w Manpower Planning and Organizational Charts

2.      Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management

a.      Definition and Terminologies

b.      What is Job Analysis, Job Description (JD) and Job Specification (JS)

c.      External and Internal Sources of Hiring

d.      How to upload Jobs in Job Portals and Social Media?

e.      How to Screen CVs and Shortlist candidates?

f.       How to take Interviews? Types of Interviews

g.      Screen CVs Practically

h.      Conduct Interviews Yourself in Reality

i.       How to evaluate candidate performance in Interview

j.       Design various forms yourself

k.      How to prepare Offer Letter

l.       Design Offer Letter yourself

3.      Onboarding and Orientation

a.      How to do Onboarding of new joinee

b.      What is Orientation? What should be covered in Orientation

c.      How to do Orientation

d.      Conduct Onboarding and Orientation yourself in Reality

4.      Statutory Compliances

a.      What is PF, ESIC, Gratuity, Medical Insurance, Bonus, Pension?

b.      What are the rules associated with statutory compliances?

c.      Filling forms and filling challans

d.      Types of Leaves and Rules associated with them


5.      Compensation and Benefits

a.      Meaning, Definition and Terminologies

b.      How to design Salary Structure

c.      Design Salary Structure yourself under different situations

d.      Design salary structure for small size, medium size and large-scale organization

e.      What is HRIS – Human Resource Information System?

f.       How to maintain attendance manually, in HRIS and through Biometric

g.      How to maintain Leave Register manually, in HRIS

h.      How to roll out salary every month

i.       How to design manual Salary Slips and in HRIS

6.      Labour Laws

Bonus Act, Pension Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Maternity Act, Factories Act, Provident Fund Act, etc.

7.      Training and Development

a.      Definition and Terminologies

b.      How to conduct TNA, How to Design Training Program

c.      How to conduct Training

d.      What is training calendar, how to design training calendar

e.      Conduct Training Session Yourself

f.       How to evaluate Training program, methods of evaluation.

g.      Live Training Project in Corporates

8.      Performance Management System

a.      Types of Performance Appraisal Methods

b.      What is Balance Scorecard and Bell Curve?

c.      How to conduct Performance Appraisal

d.      How to design guidelines for performance appraisal

e.      Uses of data of Performance Appraisal

9.      Rewards and Recognition for Employee Engagement

a.      How to plan R & R activities?

b.      How to bring effectiveness and efficiency in engaging employees for R & R activities

c.      Conduct R & R activities yourself

10.   HR Metrics and Analytics

a.      What are the HR Metrics for all the departments of HR?

b.      What is Recruitment Tracker, TAT, Training Tracker?

c.      How to do Analysis of HR Metrics

d.      Do calculations and analysis yourself under various situations

11.   Grievance Handling and Employee Relations

a.      How to resolve Grievances in companies

b.      How to maintain Excellent Employees Relations

c.      Ways of Handling Grievances

12.   Exit and Off Boarding

a.      How to conduct Exit Interview

b.      How to design Exit form

c.      How to do FnF of exiting employee

13.   HR Operations

a.      How to maintain Employee Data?

b.      How to maintain Employee Files?

c.      How to design Recruitment Dashboard, Training Dashboard, Performance Dashboard, Leave Dashboard

d.      How to design Holiday List

e.      How to design Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)

f.       How to frame Rules and Regulations

g.      HR Score Cards

14.   Administration

a.      Book Keeping, Manual and Digital Filing

b.      Work of Front office

c.      Vendor Management, Visitors Management

d.      How to do Travel Arrangements

e.      Keeping stock of Stationary, Couriers, Meetings Management

f.       Handling Petty Cash and Office Claims

g.      Housekeeping and Maintenance

15.    Personality Development Workshop

16.   MS Office Practical Training – how to use excel, word and PowerPoint

17.  Internship - 4 months

18.  Live Project – 2 months

Real Case Studies and Project, numerous assignments during each module, Industry Driven Curriculum

Job Guaranteed

Fees: Rs. 1 Lakh to be paid in 4 instalments of Rs. 25000 each month. Rs. 80,000 if paid in one time

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