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Become A Successful Travel Agent Today

Want to start your own travel company? Just reach us and we will setup fully equipped, advance, practical & independent Travel Agency for you.


Why Us?

  • We provide independent Travel Agency & not a franchisee.

  • You get your own Travel Agency without any investment.

  • No security amount or obligatory expenses.

  • We provide the status and tools of fully operational Travel Agency from the very first day.

  • You earn handsome profits with ZERO investment.

Travel Agency Management

6 Months - With Guarantee of Profitable & Operational Travel Agency without Investment


  1. Globally, Internationally recognized air ticketing terminologies, rules, regulations, codes & commands
  2. GDS - CRS - Air Ticketing Practical Training - Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing Codes, Airlines, Airports, City, Country Codes, Air Ticketing Commands, PNR Creation, Reservations, Cancellations, Que, Refunds etc
  3. Air Tickets Reservations, Cancellations, Reissuance, Que, Refunds, Segment breaking, Itinerary pricing, Tickets Issuance etc
  4. Visas - Documentation, Fees, Forms, Procedure, Filling, Pricing, Duration etc
  5. Practicing Visa Work
  6. Hotels Bookings
  7. Understanding Hotel Packages
  8. Practicing Hotel Packages
  9. Understanding what is tourism - Understanding divisions of Travel Agency, Travel Industry etc
  10. World Geography - Locations, cities, attractions, how to reach, airlines, continents etc
  11. Map Practice
  12. Understanding what are Travel Packages
  13. Understanding what are Travel Itineraries
  14. Destination & Product Training through Presentations & Videos: How to reach, famous cities & attractions, sightseeing, transportation within a city, transfers, hotels, Indian restaurants, activities, shopping, souvenirs, package cost, duration of the package, itineraries & a lot more
  15. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Bintan
  16. Practicing Travel Packages
  17. Making real itineraries
  18. Costing of Travel Packages & Hotels
  19. Sightseeing, Tours, Activities, Nightlife bookings
  20. Airport, Train Station, Bus Stand, Port return transfers booking
  21. Internal & Intercity transfers bookings
  22. Hotels, Sightseeing, Tours, Activities, Transfers Vouchers designing and issuance
  23. Indian Railways Booking
  24. Nepal, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh
  25. China, Hong Kong & Macau & UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Mauritius, Sri Lanka & Maldives
  26. Switzerland, Italy, France
  27. Eurail & different trains in Europe Knowledge and booking
  28. Australia, New Zealand, Bali
  29. Forex
  30. Travel Insurance
  31. Taxi bookings in entire world
  32. Boats, Ferries bookings within India & our of India
  33. Travel Operations, filing, documentations, clients records
  34. Travel Agents' Portals Practical Work & Practice
  35. Outside the class room
  36. Group Package Designing - MICE
  37. Costing of Groups
  38. Essentials of a Travel Agency/Travel Company/Online Travel Agency
  39. Company Registration, Company Bank Account, Company Profile Writing, Company Branding, Company Letter Head, Company Stamp etc
  40. Marketing & Branding
  41. Website development, website layout, domain booking, official & professional email account creation & usage
  42. Website Promotions, SEO, SEM, Google Promotions, Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  43. Introduction with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  44. Contracting with Suppliers, Destination Management Companies, Hotels Chains, Travel Whole Sellers
  45. How to get lowest possible rates from Hotels, Suppliers, Travel Wholesalers & Airlines - Domestic & International
  46. Expense Management
  47. Payments, Profit, Pricing, Commissions, Cancellations, Refunds
  48. Selling Travel Packages & Earning Profit
  49. Invoicing
  50. How to Make cheaper packages than big & renowned travel companies
  51. Blog Creation, Web Pages, Commercial Social Networking
  52. Role of Travel Agency's Owner, Role of Travel Agency's Manager & Role of Travel Agency's Executive
  53. Management of Travel Groups Domestic & International
  54. Bringing Business of Groups
  55. IRegistration & Accreditation Process with Travel, Tourism Airline, Airport and Air Ticketing related internationally recognized organizations
  56. Use of Globally Internationally recognized air ticketing applications (software) - GDS & CRS in your Travel Agency directly through the legitimate process free of cost or with nominal direct fees (no charges from The Tourism School)
  57. Product Construction - How to make Product like big travel companies
  58. Life Time Free Assistance & Guidance while establishing Travel Agency, Period of Assistance starts after finishing the course


Fees: Rs. 1,50,000 Fees can be paid in 2 installments within 35 Days of starting the course. Students above 27 Years of Age Have to pay full fees in one go at the time of admission

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 Consultancy & 100% Guidance. In this there will be One on One Guidance covering same topics, flexible classes

To know more about Travel Agency Management Course leave your contact detail below and we will call you

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Travel Business

Travel Business is a crash course for those who want to start travel agency, want to start earning instantly & who don't want to spend any money on this business


Course will cover:

1. How to register a travel company

2. How to do marketing of travel agency without spending any money & how to get unlimited business

3. How to get free website of your travel company without investment

4. How to create PNR on GDS or CRS

5. How to do air ticketing

6. How to make Travel Packages

7. How to Book Hotels

8. How to do foreign exchange & how to earn profit on that

9. How to do VISA'S & how to earn profit on that

10. How to book Trains & earn profit on that

11. How to book Taxi & earn profit on that

12. How to book Buses & earn profit on that

13. How to do contracting with suppliers and hotels & how to get best rates

14. How to do operations of a Travel Company

15. How to make cheaper packages than big travel companies

16. Destination Knowledge:

Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, Egypt, Bali, China,

Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar

Choose any 4

17. Learn how to get trained in Destination Knowledge on your own FREE OF COST

Fees: Rs. 40,000 One time payment - No Discounts

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