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Organising Real International and Domestic Trip and Travelling with Earning Guaranteed, Tour Guide Practical Work & for International & Indian Travel Packages for Foreigners also

  1. Types of Hotels - Topics of Travel Agency Management & Travel Package Manager Starts from Here
  2. Types of Hotels Rooms
  3. Hotels Cancellations
  4. Real Hotel Visits for Practical Exposure
  5. Training of Hotels Reservations
  6. Job Responsibilities of Hotel’s Front Office Executive
  7. Free of Cost Outdoor Trainings
  8. Guaranteed Job
  9. Tour Guiding Work Practically
  10. Free Tours
  11. How to Book Hotels in Less Price
  12. Types of Visas
  13. Students Visa, Job or Work Visa, 
  14. USA, UAE, Canada, Australia & UK Visa Process
  15. Visa Process for European Countries
  16. Visa Process for Asian Countries
  17. Practicing Visa Work
  18. Visa Interview Questions
  19. Preparing the complete Visa Files
  20. Understanding Role of Embassy for Visa’s
  21. Applying Real Online Visa
  22. Work of Visa Manager
  23. How to Start Your Own Visa Business without Investment
  24. Understanding what is tourism - Understanding divisions of Travel Agency, Travel Industry etc
  25. Understanding what are Travel Packages
  26. Understanding what are Travel Itineraries
  27. Designing and Making Travel Itineraries of any Destination of the World like an Experienced Travel Agent
  28. Destination & Product Training through Presentations & Videos: How to reach, famous cities & attractions, sightseeing, transportation within a city, transfers, hotels, Indian restaurants, activities, shopping, souvenirs, package cost, duration of the package, itineraries & a lot more
  29. Malaysia, Singapore, Bintan & Thailand
  30. Practicing Travel Packages of above mentioned destinations and of other destinations which are mentioned below
  31. Making real itineraries  of mentioned Travel Destinations like happens in Travel Companies
  32. Costing of Travel Packages & Hotels
  33. Bookings of Tours, Bookings of Tour Guides, Managing the work of Tour Guides, Booking Sightseeing, Excursions etc
  34. Bookings of Essential Transfers like Airport to Hotel or Hotel to Airport, From Cruise Ports to Hotels or Vice a Versa
  35. Managing & Booking Transportation from one city to another city within a Travel Package, for example Paris to London Internal Transportation
  36. Issuance of every kind of Hotel Vouchers
  37. Indian Railways Bookings
  38. How to Make Domestic & Inbound Travel Packages For Indians & Foreigners
  39. Practical Travel Package Designing of Most Famous Travel Destinations of India
  40. Paid Internship for practical exposure
  41. Organising, Designing and Travelling to any Destination of India or abroad practically, Free of Cost as part of the course and earning also while travelling

Duration: 2 to 3 Months

Fees: Rs. 40,000

To Be paid in 2 Installments of Rs. 20,000 each

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