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In this blog we have tried to mention those things about Uttarakhand which would help each and every traveller instead of mentioning bookish things. So we are not talking about the things which can be searched from internet rather we are sharing the real experience 


When i use to stay in Chennai Uttarakhand use to be my dream destination. I always use to visit one or the other destination of Uttarakhand whenever i use to visit Delhi. So deliberately i use to take my work along with Weekends so that i can spend my holidays either in Lansdowne or in Haridwar or in Rishikesh. My favourite use to be Haridwar and Rishikesh because of the obvious reason of their being close not expensive and quite happening. What Haridwar offers many other pilgrimage destinations of other states and countries can not offer, it has the charm which connects everyone with supreme power, Haridwar always makes one realise the real reason of coming on earth. 


Similarly all of my clients and friends who were entering or taking exit from Delhi, i suggested everyone to visit Uttarakhand. I managed few biggest and most rewarding groups of my career in Jim Corbett National Park. Hundred percent of my clients have been satisfied with the choice of Uttarakhand.   So Uttarakhand has always been an excellent, most rewarding, peaceful and vibrant destination for me and for all those whom i know personally or professionally


If i Have to talk about one place which is the Most beautiful in Uttarakhand then yes i would be a bit partial and would take the name of Nainital. According to me Nainital is not only India’s but World’s most beautiful Hill Station, if you do not believe me then just click the link given below and watch the video, this video would show you Nainital as it is in reality:

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We have Uttarakhand Shatabdi leaving from New Delhi early morning and makes passengers reach Dehradun around 1250 Hours. It is very convenient. Food is served in the train, most of the time the train remains on time and it is really inexpensive. Shatabdi stops at Haridwar also, from Haridwar and Dehradun going further to Mussoorie and Rishikesh or to Chakrata or to Neelkanth and many other tourist destinations is very convenient.


Below i have given a link which would show you my complete journey to Dehradun by Shatabdi Train, you would get to timings, train number, fare and many other things, it is a viral video you will definitely love it if you like travelling: 



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I believe a true traveller would never need to know what to visit, every traveller always like to explore the things as they appear. But i would love to share my experience of being in Dehradun. Every time i get to a new interesting thing about Dehradun it is like a city which has lots of hidden interesting facts which can be experienced only when we talk with seniors of the city or with people who have seen the different phases of Dehradun’s development. 


For me one of the biggest attraction in any city is the local food. Dehradun has a dish for everyone, even if you are from western countries or from the Hills of Nepal or Bhutan. Even the food sold and served here has influence of China also. Food is delicious and inexpensive. A person travelling on budget can easily satisfy hunger within 30 Rs. which is not even half of a Dollar. The best is to see to believe, watch another Viral Food Video of mien showing delicious food of Dehradun:



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Visit to Dehradun is incomplete if you are not going to Rishikesh. I suggest to stay as close as possible from Laxman Jhula, go to different small temples, eat at small restaurants, Maggi which gives employment to good number people here, i started eating it only when i realised the noble cause happening because of instant noodle. At the same time i request all the travellers to respect the mother nature and keep the place clean and well developed, it is one of the worlds most happening river side tourist destination, no words can explain the feeling of being at Rishikesh. If you love nature, water, rivers, adventure sport then believe you me spending  a month would be less. Yoga is in the water of Uttarakhand and Rishikesh has the best of that. 


If you want to explore more, then just go to Mussoorie the queen of hills, hire a Bike or car and explore the Queen Hill. I suggest to stay near Kempty Fall instead of staying near the Mall Road. The best of Mussoorie is in exploring the adventure activities and in learning the same. There are many camps which teaches Rock Climbing, Trekking, River Crossing and many other adventure related activities. If you want to reach to Mount Everest then you can start learning few serious lessons from here


Now once again i would like to talk about Nainital which is my favourite destination. One of my personal Honeymoon Destination also. If anyone says that Switzerland or Austria or the lakes of Canada are the most beautiful then i am sure they have not seen Nainital. Visit this place in winters or visit when it is a bit rainy also, touch clouds, see them running, do boating endless time, enjoy the Town Hall, there is no other place like Nainital. Watch the video of the Naini Lake by clicking the link given below and i Guarantee you will start loving Nainital:



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Reaching Nainital is very convenient even by Road as the Highway is excellently maintained, it is only in season time when traffic jam at few points increases the duration of journey. Tourist can reach very close to Nainital which is Kathgodam by Train. For Kathgodam there is different Shatabdi then the one which goes to Dehradun. Once again i would recommend my readers to watch the detailed video about the Journey to Nainital by Train and Taxi in the Video which we have made to educate travellers: 


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Majorly people who are visiting Nainital they like to stay at the Mall Road which gives beautiful view of the Hills and Naini Lake, but i always prefer staying at Tallital specifically at Uttarakhand Tourism Operated Hotel TRH Tallital. It is not because of the Government Property but because of many reasons, first it is really cost effective, the best view of complete lake and of Mall Road is available even from the rooms of the same property. One of the most important reason is that we are at the Old Town of Nainital which is Tallital, visiting this part of Nainital provides the experience of seeing the real Nainital, to experience the same just click the link below and you would be able to enjoy the real Nainital where locals live and very less of tourists: 



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If you are also among those travellers who travel because of food then your visit is incomplete you have not experienced world’s famous Ball Mithai of Uttarakhand and one of the best place to eat it from or to get it packed from is Mamus at Bada Bazaar, this is also a market which is used more by the locals of Nainital but yes this is a bit expensive market. Baal Mithai is one of the best souvenir which people take along with them for their friends and relatives back at their home city: 



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There is a market called Tibetan Market which is very famous in Nainital for Chinese Food, for food lovers that is also a must visit market, we have a complete video even showing the Tibetan Market of Nainital, do watch to understand the same better: 



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As Nainital is a big destination one can easily spend 5 to 7 days, i usually do not visit Nainital for anything less than 5 Night and thsere are so many local places to be visited to bse tried in regard to food and shopping. Further it is important to understand about the different hotels of Nainital so we have consolidated most of the eating joints which we enjoyed during our multiple visits to Nainital, by watching this video one can easily understand Nainital better




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So this is where we would conclude the first part of our Blog for Uttarakhand. The second part of our blog would be released soon and that would be covering Auli, Valley of Flowers, Nanda Devi National Park and many more destinations. As we like to bring most of the information in crisp and effective manner along with videos so we need extra time, but believe us we would always be bringing important facts which really matters. 


Keep Travelling Keep Learning






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