In total there are 50 questions. For each correct answer you will get 2 marks and for each incorrect answer you will loos 1 marks. Negative marking applies only for multiple choice questions. In Total you have only 50 Minutes. If you would submit the answers after 4 PM then you will be considered fail.

1. Tokyo to Kyoto is

2. Choose the LCC Airline from the options

3. What do you understand by Ku-Sha

4. In which city one can visit Mount Teine

9. What is the approximate cost of Universal Studio Express Pass

10. What is the cost of JR 7 Day Pass Cheapest Option Per Adult

11. Canakkale is more closer from

12. Fathiye is Internationally famous for

13. Cesme is more close from

17. Leningrad is more close from

18. What is the name of card used for Moscow Metro

22. River Cruise can be experienced in

28. Which train goes on top of Matterhorn Mountain

30. Name the train package part of Panoramic Express which covers Interlaken to Montreux

31. What is the cost of Pisa Airport to Centre by Trenitalia

32. If your client has a normal ticket and he or she not able to catch the train then how much they would need to pay to board other train and under how many minutes it would apply

33. What percentage of refund is given in case of not using Super Economy Ticket

35. What is the age bracket for Youth in Trenitalia

36. Trenitalia comfort pass includes

38. Genoa is more close from

39. Silver Card is for

41. How much Ring Rail costs for reaching city centre from airport

46. Assume Cost of 5 Days Swiss Pass is 500 Euro then how many journeys your client can do

47. What is the appropriate difference in First Class and Second Class of Swiss Rails

49. Which city is not part of Switzerland and Italy

50. What document is required to show when your client is travelling in Italy by Trenitalia E Ticket

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