Travelling while sleeping is always beneficial. Because I believe by doing this every traveller saves the cost of take accommodation. Like I had a meeting to attend in Dehradun which is around 270 KM from Delhi. I got to know of this trip in the evening at 7 PM and I had to travel next day. 
So I had very less time and no money as my office would have paid me only after following the process which usually takes a week's time. 
So I booked my ticket instantly without using Tatkal and I got confirmed seat to reach Dehradun by Shatabdi. I reached Dehradun at 12:30 PM. I got free from the meeting at 7 PM. My meeting was at Hotel Madhuban which is one of the most reputed hotel of Dehradun. So I came out and started walking to explore Dehradun. I enjoyed my time and explored many eating joints. After spending around 3 Hours, I took shared auto rickshaw for the Railway Station which charged me only 5 Rs. and I reached back to Dehradun Railway Station and it was 11 PM, same day. I had reservation in 2 Tier Nanda Devi Express Train, I had confirmed berth to sleep. Indian Railways provides 2 fresh bedsheets of white colour, 1 pillow with white cover and a blanket. I put one of the sheet over the berth, then I put my blanket over that and on top I used the second white colour bed sheet and I was all set to sleep
Believe me, I was so tired that I closed my eyes and slept in few seconds and woke up only after reaching New Delhi Railway Station at 5:30 AM
This is how I completed my journey with the help of excellent Indian Railways without booking accommodation. I spent whole night very comfortably and I saved a lot of time. I covered 270 KM while sleeping so I fully used my time and saved a lot of money, if I would have taken accommodation in Dehradun, I would have spent minimum Rs. 3000 as per my choice and then would have wasted minimum half a day in covering the same distance. But this is how I saved time and money both