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Air Hostess Free Course - Course Content



1.  Understanding the work profile of Air Hostess


2.  Understanding & developing traits required to become Air Hostess


3.  Understanding Aviation & Airport


4.  Types of aircraft and familiarisation with flights inside out


5.  Air Ticketing, GDS, CRS, Amadeus, Galileo Practical Understanding


6.  Practicing Pre Flight Safety Demonstration


7.  Practicing CPR practically


8.  Learning how to handle Emergency Situations while in flight


9.  Learning important codes & commands related to Air Ticketing, Airport & Aviation Industry


10. Grooming, Dressing & Personality Development


11. Improving Communication & Confidence


12. Interview Skills and Mock Interviews 


13. Learning to Get Job of Air Hostess & Remaining Successful


14. Learning to protect yourself from exploitation & sexual harassments

Duration: 15 to 25 Classes 1 to 3 Months Only


Fees: No Fees, Yes the entire course & certification is Free of Cost


Why it is Free of Cost?

Answer: We have kept it free of cost because it is very easy to teach all of this & we feel charging fees for such simple knowledge is not appropriate for The Tourism School. Moreover this is how we want to support all those deserving students who have dream to become Air Hostess but because of financial problems are not able to pursue their dream


Eligibility: Only Girls who are minimum 12th Pass, willing to learn, who are willing to remain in discipline, In the age group of 17 to 24, having weight in the range of 44 to 65 KG, having height in the range of 5 feet to 5.8 feet & who like wearing heels, dressing up & doing makeup


Admission Process: Visit Institute without making any phone calls, fill admission form, submit your photographs, qualification proof, identity proof and original certificate of 10th Pass, certificate will be returned on completion of the course.


Why are you keeping Original 10th Certificate?

Answer: We need this as we are not charging any fees so many time students they take admission but they do not attend classes seriously, anyone who would give original certificate  will take the classes also seriously. It is guaranteed that we will return the certificate


Why Boys are not allowed?

Answer: Boys are not allowed because no of jobs for boys are very less and we do not want to waste their time


What are the timings of the class?

Answer: As it is a Free Course we have only 1 batch at 3 PM

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How to Become Air Hostess? How to Become Flight Steward? How to Become Cabin Crew? How to Get Job of Cabin Crew? What is the work of Flight Crew/Air Hostess? What qualification is required to become Air Hostess or Flight Crew?

Above mentioned are few questions which this article is going to answer

Work of Air Hostess or Flight Crew or Cabin Crew Copy Righted Article of

Ensuring safety of passengers is the most important work for a flight crew, serving food and drinks is secondary. To ensure safety, they have to ensure that the discipline and decorum is maintained inside the aircraft. The first Air Hostess was a nurse rather than being just someone to serve food. 

Required Qualification to become Cabin Crew or Air Hostess

For Girls aspiring to become air hostess they must have mentioned qualities: Good Looking, Confident, Well Groomed, Proportionate Body Weight ideally between 50 to 56 KG, Height Between 5 Feet 2 Inches to 5 Feet 9 Inches, Vision 20/40 without glasses, Good command on required language and Graduate, age preferably between 20 to 29 years. 

Now there are airlines which are open to hire even those who do not have good command on English but poses rest of the qualities and have excellent command on any local language for example Hindi/Tamil etc. There is special demand of flight crew who can speak in Hindi and English both. 

Having command on another foreign language is always an advantage and gives edge. Similarly few smaller low cost airlines are flexible in regard to qualification, like hiring is possible of only 12th pass candidates also. Similarly few airlines have flexibility with age also

Body Tattoo Copy Righted Article of

In India Flight Attendants are not suppose to have visible tattoos but in many countries like in USA even having a visible tattoo is also fine. 


Another very important qualification to become Flight Attendant of Air Hostess is being Female, yes there are male flight attendants also but airlines prefer hiring females over male candidates and it is commonly visible that in most of the flights female flight attendants are always more than male flight attendants

No of Jobs Available or Scope of this Career 

It is estimated that by 2035 there will be more than 40,000 more new airlines and they would need around Eight Lakh Flight Attendants, so the industry has lots of scope

Responsibilities of Air Hostess/Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Copy Righted Article of

Work of a Flight Attendant starts only after proper training and which is given by Appointing Airlines. The most important part of training includes the work they need to do in case of emergency, hijacking, unsafe landing, fire or smoke in the cabin. 

Similarly cabin crew are well trained to handle medical issues, like cardiac arrest, Safety Check, this happens before passenger boarding, being attentive about any foul smell, safety briefing, Giving weather update before take off and after landing and during the turbulence also, helping passengers in locating their seat, guiding how to sit and use seat belts, tray, ear phones etc, briefing the passengers who are sitting next to emergency exit, making sure that passengers are following the guidance and keeping them comfortable. 

The work done by Air Hostess/Flight Attendants before the take off is known as Pre Take Off Responsibilities 

Training to Become Flight Crew or Air Hostess and Duration

Usually duration of the training is anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 months depending on size of Airline and Air Craft and on experience of candidate 

During safety training flight crew must be trained for Evacuation in case of emergency, How to use the slides for making passengers exit, how to use rafts in case aircraft lands on water, controlling fire, How to handle CPR

The Tourism School provides Training to Become Air Hostess only in Rs. 20,000 that is the fees of complete course and which has duration of only 2 Months

Keep visiting this page regularly as this article will keep growing and we would be answering all the below mentioned questions also. You can leave more questions in below given form and we will be happy to answer

What is Asked in the Cabin Crew interview? 

What is the Salary of Flight Attendant? 

What is Depressurisation? 

What is Cabin Pressurisation? Copy Righted Article of

What is Chief Purser? 

My height is 4 ft 11 inches can I become Cabin Crew?

What is Airline Service Trolley?

What is Galley?

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